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Sedona April Tour is Canceled Due To The Worldwide Virus

We Will Reschedule

When the Healing & Shift Happen For The Good Of  All

Thank You for Understanding

And Stay In The Love Vibration For The Goodness of The All.

For All Are One!

In Love and Light Always,

Letitia of Lemuria


Lady Shraddha

Sedona, Arizona

April 4th & 5th

9:30 AM ~ 2 PM

Facilitated By: Letitia of Lemuria
& Lady Shraddha
Read bio's for each below

The Divine Inspiration Tour #2

Registration Ends March 28th, 2020 ~

Consciousness Expansion Through Simplicity

and Powerful Dedication to your Fullness of Purpose

in Alignment to why you truly were chosen to be in this Universe & Timeline on Our Sacred Mother Earth, in these Now Moments:

Join Letitia of Lemuria Emissary of Light for Kai of the Pyramid Beings 

& Lady Shraddha

Dedicated to helping you Awaken to your own Divine Feminine within & Helping others with wisdom & tools they both apply in their lives daily

When you learn to Release old Paradigms & you Allow the true

Blossoming Butterfly within to be nurtured to grow and give with the Talents & Gifts of the Divine Ripple Effect 

You will receive detailed information shortly after payment

Registration will be closed March 28th, 2020

About Letitia of Lemuria

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Letitia of Lemuria has a natural-born talent of being an Intuitive Empath & Clairvoyant. She has

always been driven to help people return to feel whole and to know that their peace lies within

themselves. She was born into a long lineage of both healers & channelers. Although they did

not practice openly, their abilities were shrouded with some mystery, which led her to research

and unravel them personally. For as long as she can remember, she was drawn to her lineage and

propelled to do what later became her life's mission. As she looks back now, she knows that she

has been genuinely protected by her family and her spiritual team.

Growing up in the country with animals, plants, and access to the forest and elemental beings of

the Earth, she lived in a fantasy world most of the time. Being deeply sensitive, she struggled

through the school system and all social programming. Always doing well in grades but never

feeling like she belonged in the limited and very controlling system, she then entered the

working world and was inundated by the negativity and pain of the people she was surrounded

by. It took many years and time to realize that it wasn't her. This led her to become deeply

passionate in spiritual studies of all walks of life and driven to help others like her that were born

with the same gifts and who faced the same complications that she experienced. She realized that

there is nothing in our system set up to help anyone born with these abilities, gifts from spirit. It

was and with a fully open heart that is driven to help all they can and still stay healthy


As an empath, she absorbed every one's pain, which caused her a great deal of pain, sorrow, and

darkness, which took her years to climb out of. Her highest goal is to touch the lives of as many

people that are driven to overcome similar challenges. To show them that healing is proper, but

how to let go of the energy and return it to the great I Am to be re-birthed in the light again. This

is part of our gift as Star Seeds. We are the wave to help awaken others to our own Angel gifts

and Source.

In 1989 she was almost killed by a drunk driver. She suffered a significant head injury, internal

damage, and several broken bones that took her a year to overcome the challenges. She knew she

was missing something from that whole experience but didn't remember what it was until almost

15 years later. She was meditating, and Adama, High Priest of Telos, whom she had been

channeling and communicating with, came to her and removed a blockage for her to see she had

died in that wreck. Still, she had been visited by him, and he showed her what she had intended

to fulfill as her life's purpose. Having had this gift given to her, she did stay, but to this day, she

doesn't remember the accident itself, just the visit by Adama, whom she considers like family,

along with all that she had been gifted to channel messages for.

In 2012 her small family, husband, daughter, and animals picked up roots and moved from the

Northwest of the United States to the Southwest, leaving all they knew behind for a new life.

Relocating speared headed physical changes, due to climate and vibration of the planet, her body

began to heal from the migraines and other symptoms she had been burdened with since the

accident. Having been on some pretty heavy medications, she was able to take herself off them

and begin to return to the land and to her former self again fully.

In 2016 she was contacted by Kai of the Pyramid Beings and soon began to channel for Kai and the House of Kai as their Emissary of Light. Kai and his house (14 Children), came to help with our

Ascension through their loving heart connection to what Kai is always calling us: Human Angels.

You can read and listen to his heart felt messages via the Blog, Facebook, and You Tube. Letitia

has a long connection with these loving beings and through light language & vibrations you can

experience a true connection to self through your I Am source.

About Lady Shraddha

Ana Sanchez, M.Ed. Commonly known as "Lady Shraddha," descended from a long line of

intuitive healers and channelers. Since she was a child, her ability to access cosmic energy to

heal back then was only shared with her immediate family. The year 2003 was the turning point in her life when finally, it all came together; she got introduced to metaphysics, yoga, and meditation, which ignited her passion for helping others develop their self-awareness and connect with the divine source. Three years later, she started holding Meditation groups from home, where she discovered her abilities as a new age teacher, channeler, and intuitive healer.

In 2010, she participated in the Inner Awakening, a 21-day spiritual transformational program in Bangalore, India. The program helped her work on all the basic dimensions of her life, allowing her to experience deep healing at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. She learned various techniques and processes from the Vedic scriptures, Sanskrit mantras, pranayama techniques, and other sacred teachings, like Patanjali Yoga Sutras. There she was initiated in the spiritual Nithya Healing modality, using cosmic energy, along with prayerful meditation to heal. By connecting with cosmic powers, her Kundalini Shakti energy awakened.


The turning point was when Swamiji tapped into her Akashic records and gave her a spiritual

name, "Shraddha," whose meaning is the eternal embodiment of commitment as this marked the beginning of her spiritual and life path! Because of these experiences, her life is dedicated to awakening the divine feminine energies for both women and men.


Years later, Letitia of Lemuria told her that her Lemurian name given by Master Adama was

"Lady Shraddha," which was the same name given in India! Since then, she goes by her

Lemurian name, and her main goal to this day is to be a catalyst for Spirit.


Lady Shraddha is an energy conduit for Spirit who transmits through her voice light language

codes and sound transmissions along with prayerful meditation to help people to step into their full potential and manifest their highest selves. She is a new thought teacher, metaphysicist, minister, spiritual coach, facilitator, channeler, healer, mentor, and founder and CEO of Project New You, LLC. in Miami, Florida. Lady Shraddha facilitates spiritual retreats, workshops, spiritual ceremonies, and seminars in English and Spanish.

Letitia of Lemuria




Please Note:


Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

Energy Healing & Readings or Channeled Messages, should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.



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