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Amazing Light

July 14, 2020

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Our Opportunity To Be Awake

June 12, 2020

Greetings my beloved Sisters and Brothers of this Beautiful Planet.


We have reached an Epic Timeline that seems to be full of all sorts of confusing issues & chaos, but it is truly a time to allow yourself to see the ego moments that are the wonderful keys and bridges to allow ourselves to go into from a standpoint of simply watching our own personal reactions and evaluating that part of our-self that has been triggered by these events that are effecting all of us daily. In other words, this is not a time to be reactionary, but inter the world within you to find the Great I AM.


I have been wading through some of these challenging times in interesting ways, myself. And I feel so blessed to be in constant contact and connection both with Kai and the House of Kai and Adama, High Priest of Telos and my Family of Light in Lemuria. For it seems that they are helping to keep my aligned with my goals and purpose in a deeper level and way than ever before.

This is a part of our personal journey.


We are all being tested on so many levels right now and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have had these great opportunities to see my dark side and ego and allow the cellular light within me to burn out and overcome the stuff that I had set for myself to heal in the book of my life.



Criticism a big one for me as I was raised in the System as a Very Empathic and Sensitive Soul.  That is criticism from others and then the beating up of myself for not being perfect. Goodness! What a trap that one is. As we all know by now!

I learned to laugh at myself to defuse the trap that road will take you on,

if you allow it to.


I also was raised with beautiful parents that only did what they thought was right for myself and my sisters and raise us to be directed in a very stern and loving, yet dysfunctional manner on many levels. It took a long time, from my deeply loyal soul, to see the faults in that system and to reawaken to follow my passion.


The programming is a Very Narcissistic Societal problem that really, really impacted my parents in their own growth and so they only thought it best to teach us to obey and stay in the box, as well. And I am so grateful that I got to be born in this family to process, allow, let go, forgive and simply be the peace that all of us have been seeking for so long.


I have reached a place that I can only have deep compassion for every member of my family and the role that they have played in the allowing of the Healing Effect to ripple out to others of our Human Families. Recently, as you that have followed me know, my beloved Father, my spiritual warrior soul, had a stroke.


It was right at the beginning of this whole Covid19 Non-sense and yes, I flew up to take care of my Mother and have a few times since the coming home of my Father, to give both my Mother, Father and Sister a break. I was devastated for a day, on the finding out of all this.


My Daddy has always been my tower of strength. I wasn't home or near my parents to give the immediate help, though I had been for 45 years of my life, before we moved to the Southwest. (Meaning my Husband, Daughter and Fur Beings, and I.) So not being there to help was deeply physical to process for me.


However, after letting go and hearing he was going to be okay from my Spiritual Team, I readjusted and was able to connect with my Daddy in my Dream time to do work that we both had dedicated ourselves to do together, long ago. Daddy chose this pathway to heal our family from  mis-communications on many levels between us all and to get us to rise up and come together.


What a blessing that was that he has given all of my family, and I will forever be grateful for what he did, for it was a conscious choice within his soul. It was a blessing for me to learn and acknowledge that I don't always have to be on-hand to save everyone, as I had placed upon my shoulders for so long. For I had carried much of the burden of many things that had transpired with my family, for so long on my shoulders and letting go of that was so healing.



My Father was in the hospital for 5 weeks and then home to now having a constant array of physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy in the avatars of beautiful souls coming to help get him back up to par with us. Poor guy can't get away from his three daughters and wife pushing him continually in his therapy, as well. But he is doing great and I feel so blessed to have more time with him.


So, this whole Covid19 thing was a great eye opener for me in traveling back and forth and dealing with the outside world. I sincerely had no fear of getting the virus and ran into such wonderful people and experiences with everyone. No panic, no chaos and really the nicest of souls with each trip. And the one person that was negative, I simply realized was deeply in fear and in the program and that was okay for him. I kept on smiling and it simply defused his stuff. It was great in the outcome.


And now we have this other challenge of the Rioting going on. The blessing of it is that hopefully it will allow others to Self Reflect if they act out in Violent ways and realize that it is a gift for them to overcome the trap of violence and that we are all truly in this world together, as one.


These events are all dating from way back in our evolutionary history. Way back to before this beautiful beloved planet agreed to let us come here to heal through living here, much of the problems we all had lived in other systems and timelines in this Universe of Free Will.


These events we are all living in and witnessing are here to serve to let you see the fear triggers within and simply rise up in your Vibrational Frequency again by letting go of the fear and returning the peace and the Light of Love.


Once you raise your Frequency through forgiveness, letting go and Love to  stabilize, it burns out the Cellular Memories of the suppression that goes all the way back to the Orion and Electrical Wars, you see? (Giving you food to research here, should you feel directed. This is part of Expansion of Consciousness.)


How do you rise up in Vibration? There are so many simple tools that I have given many of you often, the ones I use faithfully, when needed. As well as the tools of other light workers, books, web sites and so many more avenues to research what sings to the soul of your own heart within. The most powerful for me is.. The Breath of Life, it is the Major key. Breathe Deeply in and out. This Stabilizes and helps you to see your truth and to honor others in their own diversity.


We all came here to be in this timeline because Humanity (Or Human Angels, as Kai of the Pyramid Beings calls us,) is here to heal all darkness through Unity Consciousness (by honoring the diversity in all,) and it is The Light of Love that Burns out the Darkness of the Deep State. Yes, we are at war. It is a spiritual war and we have already won. For Love and Light conquer all. Praise the Lord and the Light of God in you and everyone for this. For we came here to Be The Light.

The Light of God that is in all of us.


We simply need to Self Reflect and Monitor our responses to others, the world outside of us and our own inner ego challenges and cellular memories of anxiety, fear and pain.


Do not give power to the Fake Media and Do Our Own Research, Meditation and Prayer. It is absolutely wonderful to join in group meditations, for where two or more are gathered, there is Light and Love. That is all that is needed. The Dark Ones are scrambling, you see? So many of my friends that are light workers are doing the work that we know how to do and I applaud all Human Angels for the Wave of Light that I see all around us. We've Got This!


But now to the point of my message. Please continue to do the work. Please realize that you need to separate from the Groupie Mind Programming of wanting to do the same as your friends, such as on Social Media and be one with the crowd. We are not meant to be the Same As everyone else. We are All Unique. Always stop yourself if you need to be with others in their beliefs.

None of us fits in one box or container.


We can show others how not to do reactive things like not ripping into others for their beliefs on Social Media and in the Grocery Store and so on. Or Driving, you see. It is all one theme of bringing one back down into the Fear and disconnecting your lower chakra's from the ones that will give us the light continued. It is the Fear that empowers the trapping of the awakening of your DNA. We must learn that each challenge is simply a gift to expand us.


I am going to include a powerful video for you all from Magenta Pixie. She gave me permission to share this. Please take the 5ish minutes that you can and really listen to her. It is Powerful! This is how we win and help others to waken, as well.


The Dark Ones are loosing, that is why the programmed ones are still in such overwhelming chaos, victim-hood and blame. That game no longer works for us. Some of the outside world events will get worse before they get better. Why? Because this is an election year, and the dark ones are going to lie, cheat, deceive, victimize and push hard before this is over. We are living in biblical times and we are here because we have what it takes, each of us within, to succeed and stop the cycle of letting a few continue the old themes &

cycles on this beloved planet that we are truly done with.


Much like a wee child that has had their way and has to learn the limits of what "No" means, we must stand tall in our sovereign unity and be the "No" that is needed to stand our United Ground against the Deep State. WE'VE Got This! I know that people are good, loving, just and beautiful. This is what I chose to focus on. For the Imagination is the Magi within all of us. Powerful it is and so we must use it in Joy and Responsibly Together.


Stand your ground. Find your Purpose. Follow the gifts you have within to share and give others through the wonderful diverse world we live in, that they too have the choice to choose their own light and can walk their truth in peace. If you disagree with another, let them be who they are and simply be the Loving Light you are. This gets the most attention and helps others in their own growth, more than you know. One piece of truth given without pushing, can spark the fire within another to grow.


The higher the Light of Love that we all can achieve and maintain for one another, the lower the Dark Ones spark gets. They will have no fuel to feed off of. Yes. That is how they stay alive. By the Blood of the Fear of the Children and by the Loosh of Fear when people are in doubt, fear and chaos. They will feed the fire to keep you going. Knowing that little tid~bit is 9/10ths of the battle of overcoming.


I'm gonna leave what the rest of Loosh and what Adrenochrome is for you to research on your own. It is hard to digest and I am appalled to know that there is truly that Evil of Beings in our world that could do these acts. Dedicated to the Service to Self Path.


But Truth will set us Free and We Need To Be The Light to Save the Small Ones. I do not feel that I know enough about this nor that I am the warrior to bring the knowledge about, such as others are doing now. I know that my work is after all of these in the healing of those that need to wash themselves free of the pain and sorrow of the knowing. Those that seek the Light and how find that Light Within.

(I am including a great many sources below for you all to research and spark if they can be yours or the leading of another source through the wisdom that they bring forth. Follow that trail that your heart guides you upon.)


I have processed my knowledge by sending myself to the Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light that is on Kai of the Pyramid Beings Ship and also taking trips at night to Telos and the Healing Chambers. It took a bit of dedicated healing, but I have come out of it and feel the need to guide others whom guided, to do the same. For the Light will always burn out the Darkness for all of us, if we but let it and go within.  Let it spark you to Knowledge and overcome giving them the power.

You've Got This!


And to end this today, I feel the need to let you all know that during this whole year, I have dedicated my prices to be dropped by 25-50% to help those that are seeking Healing/Lemurian Light Codes/Readings/ & / Or Channeled Messages. This is my Service to Others. For we are all in this together.We of the Light Working World are gearing up to be the next wave of Warriors after those that are bringing the fullness of Disclosure.


(Again: If you would like some sources to begin with, I only  list a few below in the hopes to lead you upon your trail of expanded consciousness. I have learned that when one is aware of the darkness, they are more empowered to shine the Light of Love in a much stronger frequency for those that need it.)


Kai of the Pyramid Being and The House of Kai are with me and he has said he is here for you to call upon, but now isn't the time as yet for him to have me transcribe another message. He says that this is the time that Human Angels realize that We Are The Ones That We Have Been Waiting For. We are to Save and Rise up and We have that Power in the Light of The One Within us all.

I see you.


In Love and Light,


Letitia Of Lemuria


Remember: Knowledge is Power: Some of these, I Listen to often, some I've listened to just once. I cannot choose who will speak to your heart in your knowledge awakening and some of these are also deeply intuitive readers and light workers that I deeply trust and work with:

Laura Eisenhauer

Magenta Pixie

Edge Of Wonder TV & You Tube

Whatcomesnext4y9ou = Tracey Milne

Justin Deschamps

Jordan Sather

Emery Smith

David Wilcock

Corey Goode

John DeSouza

Larry Gaiters

Zach Vorheez

X22 Report

Candace Owens

David Nino Rodriguez the Retired Heavyweight Boxer

David Icke

Angel Wallace



Portal To

Golden Age of Gaia


I will say this one more time.

The Light You Seek Is Within You!

We Are Forever Beings!

And The Truth Will Set You Free


Addendum 6/12/2020:

One extra personal piece to give to you all in this great time of Allowing The Light and Declaring you are a Sovereign Being and Dedicated to being Service To Others instead of Service to Self.


It is time to decide how you stand and to do it first for yourself. This morning I cried when I read a deeply touching message about the Fight for The Light that is going on in our world right now. It was crying for the Children, the Women that have been taken, the Ones that were unaware and have been compromised because they didn't understand these times were are in is the final battle of Light taking out the Darkness in our world.


I had no idea that I had all those tears in me. I thought that I had been doing really good processing and letting go. But this was also deeply cellular and was things that I had pent up in me from lifetimes. I am purged and free now. This is how you do the Healing work.


Please know that Crying is Healing and Letting Go. It lets the body release and is a God Given Function of our Physical Vessel that when used in trust and allowing, can purge you of all that may be backup up in your Mind, Body and Spirit. I then went out and meditated on the back porch in my outside sanctuary.

What Light I saw. What Peace I felt.


I declared through my 5th chakra out loud my standing again and I felt, it felt so right for me. I spoke these declarations to The Light of God, Jesus, My Spiritual Team and All the Elementals around me. I rededicated myself to the Light in a Higher Way with Such Love and Peace. I urge you to do this for yourself.

It is so Healing and it is what we came here to do. Heal.


Afterwards, I heard a Pigeon Singing to me and looked up on the wall. She was not but 6 feet from me and kept opening her wings towards me. (Mother / Father God speaks through nature, using all sorts of symbolism. (I later had to look up what the Pigeon / Dove gift was to humanity.)

It was Amazing and I had to share with you. Go within.


Let Go and State your Purpose. Your Ground. Your Light.

I AM Service To Others and I see You.


Please educate yourself. Please do not attack others, for it will stunt your spiritual growth. And whatever you are drawn to in researching for your own awareness and growth, if it doesn't sync with you let it go and if it sparks something within, have fun in learning more.


Always go within and ask what the personal message and inner expansion was for you to be heard and processed.


Be a Warrior of Light and Simply Walk In The Truth of Serving The Light. For Love is the Light that Dissolves all walls between souls. I am so happy to be here in these now moments with you all. We are all shaped by our own personal experiences. It is what makes us unique and I honor the Soul in you.


We are each a flame of powerful light that is here to overcome all darkness together! Unity in the Light is what your mission was when you came. You just forgot. Wake up and embrace who you are in the Light of Love from within. Together in Unity Consciousness we can change the world. Be who you came to be! Remember. Be Peaceful not Reactive.


Learn to Laugh out Loud at yourself for one minute each day. It will detox the seriousness and urgency of your Mind over your Body and Spirit. It will Cleanse you and Release you. It will make your Day Extraordinary!

Do your Research and it will set you free.

In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria