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July 14, 2020

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Expanded Consciousness Needed Now

March 21, 2020


Greetings Beloved Ones,


I Am Kai of the Pyramid Beings speaking to you today through our Emissary of Light, Letitia of Lemuria. It is my highest intention with this message to place your Hearts and Minds into the Knowing that although this is the Massive time for you to take back your own power in your Now moment upon this Sacred Earth Plane in this Timeline, you are not alone. Yes, You Are Not Alone, Beloved Ones. However, you must do the final part of the work to overcome, for that is part of expanding consciousness to meet us in the higher realms, you see. We are here shining the light all around you with Love to empower you, but please rise up and catch the wave through your own awareness within.


There is a Grand Theater of us that are in the higher dimensional realms that are standing by watching your intense expansion in consciousness, above you and below you in the Sacred Mother Earth. We understand that there is much loss, heartache, chaos and uncertainty that is Seeming to reign its power over all of you. But if you could see yourselves from our view, those that are reading this, your growth just in the past few months alone, has been massive. So many of you are finally getting the bigger understandings to what is really going on for all of you.


I have been working with many within the Earth and in the Galactic Council to help & support the changes manifest as the war on evil and this dis~ease are waged all around you. You Are Not Alone. However, you must remember deep in the very cells of your being that This Is Your Time. You came here long ago to rise up over these challenges that you all are facing now as a Hu~man Angel. If some do not know or remember, I should say, the HU means "of God" and this cannot be repeated enough to empower you in your missions and purpose right now.


The greatest challenge that you have to overcome in this here and now is your Fear. Fear is the heart of Evil, beloved ones. Your media that is in control of the Darker Ones, would have you believe and thrive in the pain and doubt of each word they speak. The Power of the Word is what is your greatest tool of creation upon the earth and in this Universe. The Great I Am gave us all the Free Will to learn the correct use of The Word. The Throat Chakra is deeply connected to the Free Will and many of you may be clearing your throats more often as your awareness grows. Fear not but be in joy for this is the sign of you gaining control of your Word and its Divine Power, you see.


The very cells, atoms and fibers of your Being are held together through the Word. We have spoken often of the power you have over your own Being. What do you Be~lieve is your truth? Notice the Be in each Word? Believe narrows down to "What is your truth of a matter?" An opinion, to think or suppose, your Webster Dictionary says.


Now, we will bring this down to a more finite matter in the physical realm for you to understand this. I bring humor into this message to show you the levity of laughter compared to fear, you see. For instance, this Toilet Paper you all have all used for "private" matters for almost 200 of your Earth years, has created a mass chaos to have "Enough" of in your home. Yes? Those that Be~lieve they don't have enough have allowed the Words of the Media to turn them into Sheep and strive to Get Enough, creating the Not Enough for all...."Feeling." No, we are not laughing, but we must say that it is quite amusing this mass rampage to Get Enough of the stuff. Don't you think?


I wonder, maybe it is to give it to your neighbors? Or maybe you've got the idea of your old May Day traditions on your Earth, of leaving flowers at another person's door, knocking and running off to have them find their stash of the stuff? Wouldn't that just fill your hearts with joy to stand back and watch were they couldn't see you? Here is a fact of the action in and of itself for you and them. It brings the Laughter and Joy of giving and surprise! These, these, beloved ones, are your highest and best defenses for this dis~ease you are all facing. Laughter and Joy are of LOVE! Love is the Highest Medicine of All.


For it brings up your Feeling Vibrations in the Mind, Body and Spirit and therefore the Light Frequency in your body is elevated to defuse the Dis~ and in so doing, create Ease and disintegrate it"s power over you. Light is everything, for you are beings of Light, of God in Man form. If there is nothing within the vibrations of these words that I wish for you to catch onto, this is the most important key. You are the Power behind all of this. As you all join together in your Mass Meditations and Prayer, you are beating the power of this infiltration, you see. For Light is created in the frequency to grow the DNA and overcome the Cells that have been attacked to heal. This is Healing. This creates Wholeness and Unity within that Ripples out around you for others to catch the wave.


Yes, there is much, much more going on behind the curtains of this challenge besides this disease, loved ones. Many, many of you are and have awakened to the fact that the world as you have seen it on your Electrical devices, is not as it has been portrayed to you. The evil things that have been done behind closed doors to suck off the energies of fear from you for "them" to stay alive, are being disclosed, as most of you are aware.


You have heard that there has been a war between the Dark and Light Angels for thousands of years in this Galaxy. I will remind you, though we have spoken of it before, that both sets of Angels feed off of your energies. (If you haven't heard of this war. Please do your research, for then you can discern your truth and become more aware. For it is only some information we help you with to ignite your curiosity to understand and grow. Questions raise consciousness and expansion, you see.)


This is part of the plan for you to overcome, become aware of and rise up to conquer from the moment you accepted your assignments upon this Sacred Mother Earth. It is a part of the Free Will Plan and for you to rise out of the final vestiges of this container of 3D to fully be in the 5D and embrace the gifts that you have earned. You, as the Hu~mans, are The Angels of Light to overcome the Dark.


I will remind you. Long, Long ago, when Mother Earth agreed to her Life Plan, Archangel Michael put out a Clarion Call to all Planetary Civilizations in this Universe. Come, Come help in this grand experiment of life and growth of expanded consciousness on this Heart Chakra Planet in this Divine Solar System. Remember.


You passed many, many tests to be here. If you could see the lines of Beings that are still waiting to come to this planet, you would be amazed. The plan was to overcome and grow with her in her awareness. To become One with her and eventually become the guardians of the other beings of light in animal, plant and elemental forms, you see. You were aware that you were all part of the One, I AM.


However, some other Beings in the Universe came into play and over time, they gained power over the planet itself through their energies and they trapped part of the planets life force and in so doing, pretty much made slaves of all beings upon this beloved planet. (Again, if you aren't with this story in understanding, please do your research and discern within your own truth of your studies. For your Yoda says, "You must unlearn what you have learned." That is the meaning of conscious expansion = ascension. It is part of our job to spark you to seek and find, as your brothers and sisters of light, you see, for we are one.)


Over time, the Dark Ones began to need more energies to survive. The energies of Fear. Anger, Hate, Greed, Unease, Disease & Pain all fall under Fear, you see. So, to keep all in the unconscious state of being, they began to divide and conquer all beings in deeper more binding ways. Killing the tree's and plants, animals or making them do some form of labor. Dividing people by race, sex, religion, country, politics and more.


Bringing in programs to bind people to certain ways to be accepted and conform into societies. So on and So on. War is a big one that they loved to suck energies off of. And so you all have been born, lived and then died to a cycle that has essentially trapped many of you into a container. The time to open that container and break out is now, beloved ones.


The beauty of the Hu~man creation is that once you rise up and understand what's really going on in your World, there will be no other action that can bind you as a race together, on this Earth. Awareness is key. Oneness is key. Peace Within is Key. Love is the Highest Key and the Way to the Truth and the Light of the One that your hearts have longed for.


In your avenues of Social Media, you have all been exposed to dark attacks at one time or another. You all have experienced the exposure to the conquer and divide experience in one form or another. In many ways, some of you have conformed to another person's loud opinions and or felt bad after an attack from another through their seemingly wise opinion to your statements of your life and beliefs. Social Media has been used against many of you. But, now is the time to rise up and support one another in your media's. Overcome the original intent to bind in a container through the old ways of usage.


Your Social Media can be used and Many are using these tools to support, learn, unite and be the love that your hearts have returned you to be. We see this and Support you in this. Your Mass Meditations, Prayers and Uniting has been noticed and you are making a difference, beloved ones!


It is not about the numbers of people that agree with you anymore. It isn't about popularity and getting your energies of money. (though we know it is still a part of the life experience in your now, it is part of the container.) If you join with One other person, you are creating the Two or More Vibration that the great I AM gave us all in this Universe to empower and grow with. I say to you, "Keep on Keeping One, Beloved Ones." We hear and see you and it is our job to shed the light upon you as you ask for it and accept it.


Do not bury your heads in the sand, as this channel used to do. But, do your research and find the answers to support all of the Idea's that we in the Light Realms keep giving for you to process, understand and hopefully empower yourselves. Ask the questions that will reveal your truth, as this channel learned to do and that is how I came into her awareness, you see.


Finding your truth and digging for the answer's that you seek, are your responsibility in your expansion and growth to discern and grab onto, as you walk yourselves out of the trap that being in the container of "Auto~Pilot" has brought you. Awe, indeed, with those words and their light language encoding, I see the light bulbs flickering. Light them fully for yourselves. Awaken. It is Your Time Now. Join in Love with others and THIS WILL KILL THE VIRUS! Let the Virus be reformed and turned back to the Light. This is your gift that you all can give yourselves.


Before I sign off, I will ask you to remember Forgiveness. For forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts of Love you can give yourselves and others. You are not alone. We See You. You really do have this war wrapped up.


Return to Love. Be Love. Be Light. All Are One. What you do effects us, you see. And what we do effects you, beloved ones. There is no Disconnect in this Universe. Use your home times to find your own answers and love the ones your with. Love, Peace and Oneness are Key. What will you do for yourself and others? The choice is literally in front of each of you now. It is enough. I am Kai of the Pyramid Beings speaking through our Emissary of Light Today, Letitia of Lemuria. Namaste Beloved Ones.


Dear Wonderful Friends,
Family and Clients,

This is Letitia of Lemuria and I simply wish to thank you for all the support, love and understanding that you have given unto and mine over the years. Yes, I do this as a passion and as we walk into this now timeline, I have felt that it is my deeper purpose to help in a deeper way.


As many of you know, Lady Shraddha and I were going to do a Seminar in Sedona, Arizona on April 4th & 5th. The Second Divine Inspiration Tour. Needless to say, about a week before I had to cancel it, Kai was working with me and telling me the need to reschedule for a later date. (TBA, by the way.)


My hardest thing was that we had people that were committed and had bought their plane tickets already. I finally had to realize that to be responsible was to sometimes make the tough decisions, and I called it off. Yes, I really had to work with my stuff. It was a great lesson for me. Lessons like that are not easy. And then they announced the info to stay home and whew, made me feel better to have listened to him.


This week, synchronicity kicked in for us. Lady Shraddha and I were both separately contacted by spirit and asked to start doing some more work online to help others through these times we all fine ourselves in. Please note that this will not be a live thing, but we really enjoyed recording it for others. Here is the link to the first recorded collaboration of our work. Enjoy!


I am also including a link to the latest meditation I have done for you with love. May it help bring you peace from my heart to yours. I See You! In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


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