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July 14, 2020

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Ancient Spiritual Healing & Awakening

July 18, 2019


Greetings Beloved Ones,


I am Kai of the Pyramid Beings Speaking through our Emissary of Light today, Letitia of Lemuria.


Today I came to give you below, a chant that is in the Library of Time to help reawaken your memories and path in moving forth as one now. Treasure it as well, for the power it brings to the grander expansion of your individual DNA patterns.

For it has a two fold mission for many of you.


Remember it is Key to Expand the Perception to awaken the very Cells of your Being and allow the Ego to let go of old worn out Beliefs. For the Beliefs are the things that have hung you out on a limb, so to say, for far too long. Commit to the healing of who you are and you will be Serving those around you.


When one uses the Voice with Great Intention, such as in the Chanting Song of Healing the Notes Below, One Is Calling Forth The Light of the Universe, the Great Central Sun, & The Force of the Great I AM itself to come forth and Heal. Burning out all darkness. This is why it is important to simply ask the Ego to step aside with all its so called logical reasoning, and play with Great Loving Intention of Allowing The Light to do its work through the notes.



(see Audio/Video Below)


The Tones above carry a two fold message for each of you into the very cells of your being, as well. For in the chanting of these notes, as often as your inner or Higher self guides you to do, but at least once daily for a few moments, to receive the highest of light,

(you would benefit yourself,and the world you are seeking to help heal around you, to do it morning and night.)


With this dedication on your part, and the expansion of your Belief in the act of allowing your logical mind to not analyze the art of Toning these notes, you will begin to have the memories flood back in, as you set up for in the vibrations, long ago.

(You will find an Audio of Letitia singing it in the help of pronunciation for you all.) 


The second part of this above healing chant is to help bring Healing, Peace, Harmony and Light to the Chaos in the atmosphere of the epic timeline you are living. We are asking you to stay in Peace and Non-Judgement of the scandals, as possible, but realize that truth always comes out for Justice.


Discernment is key for all to learn at this time. Please remember to realize it isn't about Governments, Parties, Race, Color or Creed anymore, beloved ones. For you are all from the Stars and All Are One, so it is time to be done with Separation & Blame.

This is the maturing of the race. A conscious Race Awakening, if you will.


So, what is my message for those of you today. Use the Chant, beloveds and awaken, use the chant with Love and Heal. You will begin to have memories through feelings and emotions. Some of you have truly learned to shove your emotions down. But you, yourselves made the charged vibrations of this chant above, beloveds.


I bring it to you all that are reading this today because your time is now. Awaken, Love thy-selves and know we are here to Love you, we canot do the work for you, but our Loving Light is more than enough to help you along the way.


For again, All Are One and We Are Here above you in the skies, as are your families in the middle Earth. Breathe, become peaceful and loving in your hearts and send that Love to the places of trouble you see in the chaos that comes to your notice.


I am Kai of the Pyramid Beings speaking with Love to you today through our Emissary of Light, Letitia of Lemuria. Namaste, beloved ones. You are ready.






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