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Amazing Light

July 14, 2020

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There is no impossible

February 8, 2019


There is no impossible in life.

All experiences are real and let no other try to take those experiences from you. Life is to be lived, not from another's point of view, but to share, care and then discern what you wish to take as your truth. If you don't wanna wear makeup anymore, then so be it. Listen to others and you may give inspiration through the heart, but never press your views, for they are walking a path you cannot follow.

We Are All One,

but we came here to experience and evolve into a higher light being through our own chosen situations and experiences. Through honoring that in one another and allowing the ripple effect to wave out into the world, we will stop looking at the differences and realize Love Unconditionally will supersede all war.

Be Love for Self and Honor others through Love.

In Love and Light,

Letitia of Lemuria 

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