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July 14, 2020

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October 14, 2018



Life upon the surface of the planet can be incredibly challenging for all of us, at times, can't it?!


Though I have a Blessed and Busy practice as a light worker, I understand that financial challenges come up and I am not immune at all. This is a part of what we agreed to work through and overcome in our journey's together through all of these intense challenges.


Last week I got food poisoning and then had a bad migraine on top of it and haven't felt that bad in years. But I remember calling upon Kai of the Pyramid Beings, My Grandmothers and Great Grandparents to please help and I did have that ease within 4 hours. Felt so blessed and loved.


Then our Radiator on our car decided to play games with us and so Michael, (My husband), looked up the problem on You Tube and we found out what it was, (We Thought) and then bought the part and through Light Energy, Prayers and Good Luck, he and I fixed it.


However, this AM, as he was leaving for work, the car had leaked all over the Garage floor. He did a few things to briefly fix it and had to leave for work. So I sent him off on a hope and a prayer for his safety & extra water.


And then I submitted a Go Fund Me campaign, to see if we could get help because we have used our savings and extra's over the last 3 months on other repairs with the car. I know that many of you have had hard times, as well.


(But within the heart of me, it feels like I can

offer more in return of the help people can give!)


This is how it is for all of us and my greatest goal in life is to see all of us beyond all of this stuff. It is very hard to ask for help and so this AM I again am going to do     my own form of Go Fund Me with my Services that I have to offer. I'm gonna go big on this too. This way maybe I can accrue some extra's to get some more food in the cupboards and by our daughter a Birthday Present for her Bday on the 25th too. Thank You all for always supporting me in all of the spiritual gifts that I get to share with you! 


For the next 7 days......October 14th thru October 20th, I'm gonna offer ALL OF MY Single Sales, ...For 50% off! This is my way of doing GO FUND ME from the Heart of Grace within me!  Hit   SALE tab right here and it will take you to where you need to go and survey your choices of what we have to offer you!     (Bundle Packages are Marked down a great deal to offer for everyone already..)  EMAIL ME DIRECTLY WITH YOUR ORDERS!


This way I can give back to those that seek to help and feel like I am sharing the light in the way that I can! I have had a lot of people in the same situation financially come to me for help these past several months and ask for free services. I wish that I could give what I do away for free.


Some light workers are in the shape to be able to do this and be fine with it. And I have done this for people over the last 7 years myself, when I felt I could. But what people do not understand sometimes, is that I too have a family and need to pay bills and feed my family too. This is how I contribute in the ways that I can and have my talents to do.

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