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July 14, 2020

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Rivers of Bliss

September 23, 2018



Define to yourself the path you wish to manifest and the become unwavering in your dedication to accomplish that task with your natural magnet of inner bliss. Find your Bliss by focusing on Love and Joy.


If you choose to be a way shower, then walk the life of a way shower. There are so many different references to show you how to go within and truly learn to listen to the Great I AM, but if you follow the breath within, you will decide your own joy and path that will greet you.


For we are each Creators of our ow Realities. Make the commitment to choose what path sings to you and then define and walk and feel that Intent. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.


We are at a monumental time in our lives and if you turn off the stimulus around you, (the gadgets that cause so many problems with ones concentration and relationship to self,) and get quiet and tap into the magnetic field of thought of your own choice, you will manifest and life will become a beautiful choice.


There are Rivers of Consciousness in the Magical Fields of Light all around us. It is our Choice to decide what River of Consciousness we will allow to be the director of our lives. You will begin to see the beauty of life all around you when you live through deliberate choice of consciousness. Beauty you will be attracted to you in delightful ways.


Dedicate yourself to learning how to listen to what our Great Mother Earth has to share with us moment to moment if we but dedicate ourselves to the remembering of her songs of life. For her songs of life are the Magical fields of Consciousness that we are given to grow and play. Think of what we could do if more than 51% of Mankind would direct their thoughts and feelings through the River of Peace and Harmony together for awhile! We'd create a whole new world together as one!


Always remember to be aware of your own reality and not the reality that your media, well meaning friends and even family push upon you. Choose with the I AM in the Center of your Being in all you do and you will never go wrong. Stand for what you believe in and be what you stand for.


It is by example that others will watch what you teach and gain they own confidence to share their own gifts with Joy and Love, as they should be shared. Make a map to follow for yourself and know that the Ripple effect will become contagious for others. But also be flexible and know that the Creator will give you gifts and through these gifts you may forge another unknown but delightful outcome, as well.


The path to your enlightenment may take you on a totally different road than you had expected, but thank the Great I AM for hearing you and then trust the guidance that you receive. You have the ability in every moment to choose to adjust your plans for you are not a puppet with strings to be pulled, this is the gift of Free Will.


Do you choose to manifest, walk and talk your own Unique Wisdom that can only come through you? Go within to your spiritual sanctuary and define your life. Clear away bubbles of illusion and claim your birthright to inherit the Universe. Walk into the life that you knew you could live, before you entered your Mother's Womb. Know that the Mother Earth is and always will protect you, if you but let her. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

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