Become that which you wish to embody in life. Become one with the truth of self through being the embodiment of Love and Joy. Surrender and Let go of the thoughts that keep you from becoming the true Vehicle of Light you came to be. 

Descriptions of Healing & Intuitive Services Offered 
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Below is Description of Healing Pathways Letitia Uses and Loving Planetary Service Daily Done by Letitia of Lemruia:


Welcome with Love! We are so pleased to have you here.

             Remote Energy Healing                                   

Letitia has been Intuitively and Emphatically helping others all her life to see their inner gifts and to surpass the challenges they have in their lives. She has been professionally helping others for 8 years and in the past two years has branched out into deeper and more powerful healing modalities. These include Remote Energy Healing with Light through Love, Crystals, Ancient Lemurian Glyphs , Sacred Geometry , Light Language and Sound Techniques, and branching out into Light Images, Sacred Geometry Technology

We are DELIGHTED to Release our LEMURIAN MIST Cleansing and Healing Spray! In Collaberation with Kai of the Pyramid Beings and The House of Kai, Letitia of Lemuria has united with them and their own Lemurian connections to create this spray for you, your hearth, home and property. A little goes a long way! Order Off of Images of Light Page Now!

By connecting through the most healing light of Love with the White Light Healing Angels, Her Lemurian Spirit Healing Family and the Pure Pillar of Healing Light from the Great I AM, She will then contact your Higher Self and proceed in bringing you the light and frequencies you need to heal. Then your Higher Selves will go together into a Special Healing, Uniting and working together in allowing the highest and best healing for each individual to take place and reach harmony of the heart. You will note she uses her crystals, gifts and love to always make the healing connection.

Your part in this is to be very clear about what your intention is in the healing and receiving of energies. You must clarify to yourself if you wish to know the source of the illness or Disease to begin with. Many people do not wish to face their fears and challenges . You must also be willing to Forgive and Let go of your Grievances toward self and others. Many times people are unaware of what they are holding against self. You must also prepare your body to heal with the highest of vibrations by drinking water and finding a quiet and peaceful place to receive the Healing and Frequency Shift within the Wholeness of you. Ultimately, You as the Receiver, are the one to Allow the Healing Light of Love to do its work in the Highest Capacity that You Can Accept. Thus making you the true Healer of Self.

(It is advised to drink a glass of water both before & after each session to allow your body the resources the highest of healing acceptance in every fiber of your being. It will even benefit you to place a crystal in a glass container of water the night before and let it sit out in the sun for several hours as well. This brings you the deeper healing of the very life-source of our Great Mother Earth. Also always remember to drink your water with the highest of thoughts, for the water is conscious and creates as directed. So you are deliberately working in harmony with the water in thanking if for bringing continued healing into your physical well being through the action of drinking.)

Once the Session of exchanging and accepting the Healing Light and Higher Vibrational Frequencies is done, you may take some moments to send light to your Guides and Angels for their help and to our Great Mother Earth in hopes of helping her to heal as a part of your family unit as well. Please understand again, Letitia is only the Conduit for you to Accept the Healing Light that is of the Highest Vibration your 4 body Light Being will accept. So, in essence you are the Healer as well, in your Acceptance and Surrender to the Loving Light.  It is always very good to consider your Higher Self and Spirit Family with deep Thanks And Gratitude for their help before you turn your consciousness back into your daily life  and move away from the experience into daily life. 

Letitia's Healing Mission

And Dream for All Human Angels


Kai of the Pyramid Beings calls us

is below.

We Are One. Learn to Love you and by doing this One Great Act Alone, you can be in Service to others. For in Loving the Self, you are Love Amplified and the Ripple effect will radiate out to the world around you. See the I AM in all things, People and Situations. Love is the way. Let us all join together in Love and Light and walk into our promised Ascension together, as we have the abilities to. Believe and we will achieve, as one.


I Honor the Divine Love that of the Great I AM that exists in you.

Within Me and Within All of Creation

We Are All One

For Daily Loving Light Energy Prayers Sent Directly to you and yours,
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below. These messages are to uplift and give you tools with Simplicity
and Love to help you in your everyday lives.

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Your name will be added to the Prayer Bowl of Light that she dedicates

time daily to send Healing and Loving Light. Please know that your name is

private and Never to be given out to anyone in trust that

Letitia preforms this task in Love. And please EMail Letitia at if you have a specific prayer need.  Namaste

Love is the Greatest Energy Of All

It is the Direct Connection to Absolute Source: The Great I AM

Continue On For Services Listed with Love

Remote Energy and Crystal Healing from within is of Utilizing the Love that we naturally carry within our Hearts directed through the highest of intention through the Unity of Divine Light in all its colors and an Open Vehicle to transmit that with the highest of energies and an open mind and heart with the receiver of that light, (Becoming the Embodiment of the Pillar of White Light).
This type of Healing Compliments people who are  walking in all challenges, as well as those that are going through modern medicine and when used in Unity for ones healing, can balance the patient in their progress.
Please note that when Light Energy is sent from the High Vibrations that Letitia is dedicated to maintaining, your job is to simply accept. When you relax, breathe and let go, your highest of intent is to simply be and by being a natural Clairvoyant Channel and Highly In-tuned Empath, like Letitia of Lemuria is, you will receive in the highest of ways. Yes, you may send a photo, for it does help to show your energies in Letitia being to help you in the fullest capacity, but it is not needed either, for we are all light bodies and through the light, the energy will show Letitia what is needed for you. 
We are a dynamic Collage of Beings. This means that we are drawn to one way of healing or a combination of them in ways that may not sound good or work well even with a close family member or friend. It is truly a healing through each individual being and what resonates within their own heart, mind, body and spirit, therefore in truth the Patient becomes the Healer. It is very important to answer all of the questions for yourself, as well as Letitia that are listed as a drop down tab above to get the highest of fulfillment in service of what will help your healing both Mentally and Emotionally.
Set your intention within your heart to be open and ready to receive the healing/or channeled session as is best and highest for your physical and light body. Always find a quiet spot for no interruptions to receive the highest quality of reception in your four body light system, as possible. And Always remember to drink water with Love before and after the session, as well.
Healing is about becoming one with the Very Breath of Life and by setting the Mutual Intention with the receiving party to simply Allow the experience of Healing to flow through Remote Light Energy Channeled through the Love & Light Unique to Letitia and how she is able to direct it for you. 
United with Lifelong Skills learned through many other modalities of Healing such as, Divine Healing through Lemurian Crystals and other direct connections to divine light crystal beings, Light Language, Sound and Ancient Wisdom Knowings acknowledged from deep meditations, you will be rejuvenated in a new way with the session and it will help to recharge the very cells of your being to be able to understand what you need to do for your own continued responsibility in caring for the Beautiful Housing,(the body) that you chose for your Soul, before entering into this life. 
Always remember that it is ones own free will of accepting and allowing the Healing to be ignited within them, and each person is responsible for the continuation of that healing and growth. During the Healing, Letitia is always accompanied by her Loving and Personal Trusted Guides, Angels and Higher Self to bring you into an acceptance of your divine wholeness. The Joy of being the facilitator is that Letitia can help bring you to a state of Peace and Healing and from this Beautiful place, you can then ask your spiritual Team to help you maintain it to the highest of extent for you.
Reach out to her to set your Divine Healing Experience, Energy Transmission or Intuitive Empathic Council Now and delight in the journey it will set you upon with Love. ___________________________________________________________________________
Below is a listing of Services offered by Letitia
Remote Healing Services Via Phone $163.00
Featuring Through Personal Referrals Only by Known & Trusted Established Clients
Letitia of Lemuria will be doing in house Quantum Light Healing Sessions / Intuitive Council at her home only $200.00 Case by Case
By Special Extra Request 3 intuitive questions  OR
Written Summary by Letitia

Set of Personal Sessions of inner growth With Kai of the Pyramid Beings and Letitia. These are for the greater awakening within you for the good of all in these great times of Ascension. You will learn to understand the simplicity of all Life through Sacred Geometry and Pure Light within. Book your sessions now with time still available.


Note: If you wish to purchase a session/Item from/with Letitia of Lemuria and your using your phone, it is best to simply Email her at to ask for an invoice due to Graphic Technicalities. Thank You!


In July 2017, Kai of the Pyramid Beings channeled his first message to humanity through Letitia of Lemuria. He had been working with her personally since the end of the previous year. Now they are coming together to provide a unique and delightful service for those that wish to Upgrade their understandings, seek the personal guidance and get to the heart of how to step forward into these ever changing and challenging times to become part of the Greater Percentage of Human Kind that is needed to tip the scales and walk into our Promised new world and times of Light we have been promised for so long.

Kai of the Pyramid Beings is a deeply Loving and Unique Being from the Stars. His dedicated mission is so that ALL of HUMANITY will WALK FORWARD TOGETHER.

He is an old friend of Adama, High Priest of Telos and through his loving connection with Letitia of Lemuria, he would be delighted to start working with you.

This is a series of 4 1 hour sessions with Letitia channeling via phone or skype, for the deep knowledge and loving guidance that can only come from Kai of the Pyramid Beings.  They are for a wonderful price of only

1 Hour Intuitive Clairvoyant Reading/Healing Session via Phone/Skype  $163.00
grouping of 4 sessions extra as bundle $500.00
Written and Light Language encoded Reading touching the heart of your problem with Desired Light Being working in harmony with Letitia $63.00
Add a Powerful Light Encoded, Sound and Crystal Charged Glyph/Sigil
Personally for You $75.00
Dynamic Tools
Channeled Sessions via Phone/or Skype through Letitia with Kai of the Pyramid Beings,
Our Great Mother Earth
Adama, High Priest of Telos or
Zohar of Shamballa 45 Minutes $163.00
Accompanied with Short written summary $188.47
Recommendation " Letitia of Lemuria is easily one of the most gifted and unique psychic channels available on the planet! I felt like she really cares about my success, and for the first time in a long time, I was given some new spiritual tools that really made a difference in shifting out old energy that was no longer serving me. Thanks to Letitia of Lemuria, I am excited about life again! I highly recommend working with this amazing lady! A uniquely beautiful , gentle and accurate experience. You'll never be the same again."
Tracey Milne, St.Marys, Ontario, Canada

Written Channeled messages direct from One of the Light Beings below:
Kai of the Pyramid Beings,   Adama, High Priest of Telos
Zohar of Shamballa, Our Great Mother Earth
Light Language Encoded for your greater expansion. $63.00
Please allow 72 hours for turn around due to demand. Thank You



NEW! Images of Light with Letitia of Lemuria in Collaboration with All Beings she works with in joy of helping you lift your Vibrational Frequencies by daily harmonizing with the images you resonate with the most. These are listed to choose from on this tab  Images of light.





















I had a stunning reading from the very beautiful pure hearted Letitia a pure channel and star sister. I had wanted a reading with her for ages as we just connected... so I was very pleased and blessed to finally be able to get one. I am a starseed myself, a lightworker, healer etc...
Stunning Kai came through strong and clear and everything was wonderful about my reading validation after validation, with much guidance and love.
No one has ever come this close to validating the points I received from my reading and I can highly recommend you would never be disappointed...
I love it so much I have to keep reading it, these messages are light activated also, so you continue to gain so much every time you do.
To say I'm on cloud nine is an understatement.
Such joy, love, reassurance, hope and excitement all rolled into one reading.
I will be coming back for more.
I know the blessings from having a wonderful reading with Letitia, it just keeps giving.
I could rave on... So please if you are drawn to Letitia there is a reason... You will not be disappointed, and Kai is beyond awesome too.
Personally thank you and I love you for such a special reading. I know life will never be the same from this point on.

Gemma Nelson U.K.


These Images have also been charged with Ancient Toning in Harmonic Resonance of Tuning Forks and with the aligned Ancient Coding of


the Crystal Skull Epoch, Golden Waters and the Galaxy Crystal she is keeper of.

These Images are Dynamic tools to help you on your path in attaining the Higher Vibrational Frequencies you have been seeking and help you to open doorways that have previously seemed closed to you in your life.

These are coming about now as another tool of Alchemy to use towards the Human Angels Ascension in Unity with Love and Joy.

Follow this link for examples




Email Letitia of Lemuria direct to place your Orders Now! 





Personalized Classes with Kai of the Pyramid Beings

Together we are to walk into our Ascension. Follow Channeled Wisdom with the Teachings of

Kai of the Pyramid Beings & The House of Kai

through Emissary of Light, Letitia of Lemuria.

Contact her now for your Dynamic Session and Change your Tomorrows as you have been dreaming the to be.

All Are One. Your Time Is Now.

What they are saying about these Healing Glyph Images


The glyph I received from Letitia has helped me so much!  I'm now having


the most relaxed, satisfying sleep I've had in YEARS.  After experiencing

the power of this glyph to heal my problem, I've ordered more, and appreciate

the opportunity to have these personalized healing tools in my life!

Infinite Love and Gratitude to you and your team!


Manifested And Abundant Blessings for All in Loving Ways

And So It Is

More Delightfully Touching Testimonials

Letitia Is one of the most insightful thoughtful and caring psychic readers I've had the pleasure to meet. Her gift to connect with people is astounding, the fact that she supports you after and explains the channelled information is even better. Letitia A truly gifted soul and it is a gift that our paths have crossed!

Truly Yours, Kishan Takahashi, Healer

Testimonial for Letitia of Lemuria ;  My name is Rick Seivertson, I am a spiritual healer / channel / teacher.  I started working with Letitia approximately. 4 yrs ago, I found her at a time when I was ready for a new opening in my life.  I had for a number of years been told about the Lemurians and knew I somehow was connected but nobody could tell me how , that was until I met Letitia. She filled in all the blanks for me and all of a sudden it all made sense to me. I finally had something I could chew on and felt it right on for me. She was able to tell me about my past connections with the Arch Angels as well as other guides who help me along my life's path. Letitia is a delight to work with, I recommend her to my friends when it feels that they need some insight to there struggles in life no matter what the issue is. I remember the first time I saw her website. I just new she was the one I was to work with to help me move forward on my path, so I say the same to you " reader " listen to your heart does it feel right to work with Letitia ? You will be guided as I was  Namaste  


I just had a reading with Letitia of Lemuria and Adama. So many things were confirmed as well as new revelations that connect some other bits. I feel a sense of wholeness after this reading that has been a fleeting thing for me. Turns out this year of "hiatus" I've been on has been anything but a hiatus. It seems more like I gave myself permission to experience, ponder and connect without limitation, judgments or expectations of myself. It's been a good way for me to shuck some of that undesired stuff. Yay!!! And thank you Letitia. Love you. MBlack

I don’t often recommend mediums, readers, psychics, and spiritual advisors.  I am these things myself, you see, and I come into contact with hundreds of people working in this area, as well.  You might say, then, that I have high standards, and many people just don’t meet them.  Spirit, however, leads us to those who will help us on our path, and I met Letitia in a roundabout way.   As I got to know her, I was struck by her sincerity and dedication, as well as the quality of what she had to say.  (I am also a writer, meaning, I notice the facility with which others express themselves!)

When I needed guidance in my own life, I decided (at Spirit’s moving) to consult Letitia.  I can happily say she has been my ‘go-to’ gal ever since.  The more deeply we are involved in spiritual matters, the more complex become our ‘problems,’ and I am so grateful for the depth of Letitia’s understanding.  On the other hand, I know that she is very conscious of the point on the spiritual journey where each individual walks.  In other words, she doesn’t bury her clients under an avalanche of information that they cannot, yet, comprehend.

 I know her keen awareness is a result of her close relationship with the spirit beings that assist her.   I have had sessions with Letitia wherein so much specific and personal information was delivered, I had to just sit back and say, hmmmmm.   I generally don’t have to TELL her about my situation, because she already KNOWS.  This is the ‘stuff’ of validation for a light worker---accuracy.  I suggest that anyone who is seeking guidance, contact Letitia.  There will be no disappointment!

Hilda Graff


Letitia knows The Secret behind The Secret, and she will be happy to share it with you in this exclusive & unique one hour psychic reading and counselling session. Discreet, Personal & Transformative a reading with this beautiful
enlightened being will have you feeling ready to take on the world, knowing that the direction you have been pointed towards is for your highest good. Let Letitia of Lemuria help you feel better about your current circumstances, point the way to solutions you may not have thought of, and inspire you with potentials for your future, all through gentle loving encouragement & intuitive guidance. T.Q

We Live in a new Paradigm of Changing Times:
Together we can share the Talents The Universe gives to us and see Miracles Happening out of the Blue Ray of The I AM that is in all of us. Love is key to the mysteries of all.

Letitia of Lemuria




Please Note:


Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

Energy Healing & Readings or Channeled Messages, should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.



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