We all came to be here in these now moments together because those that are drawn to this gift of healing you read here, specifically can turn on their DNA to Awaken and Connect with their own personal Lineage and Heal the challenges that you came here, as a Human Angel to do and in turn, heal the world.

We are all connected to the DNA of the Earth and when you deliberately focus on healing self, you will 99% of the time, be confronted with Beliefs and/or Faiths within that need to be seen as a family lineage basis that created you. (As you consciously set up for yourself to do before walking into your current physicality.

Contrary to even Letitia's belief's for most of her life, we do not always choose our immediate families for their ways of nurturing us, but often will choose our parents and others in our family, for the gifts that may seem to be great disfunctions in societies eyes for many purposes in pushing us forth to achieve and overcome qualities that we have failed to do, from other lifetimes.

Families travel in groupings, though not always born together, and often will trade being Guides to one another. Letitia has done much healing work in her own lineage and has learned that one of her greatest gifts to learn in life, has been about Healthy Boundaries. That word Boundaries has mixed messages to many, but once finally learned, one can look back on the family member that came into their lives to teach them how to overcome this challenge with grace and thanks that they took the tougher road in service of helping you achieve that which you set up for yourself, in this life.

Society has taught us to be limited in so many ways to either focusing on being the Victim in our life, or being a Victimizer. Yes? But when we can stand back and really dig in to do the work, our life views, values and grace of forgiveness can kick in and literally change the world. It is work indeed. But this is the Consciousness Expansion you were born to do. Take this opportunity with Letitia of Lemuria joined with Kai of the Pyramid Beings as a gift to all that are drawn to this service, to learn the simple tools and healing gifts to set yourself up to be Whole Again and Heal your Bloodline! Email Letitia of Lemuria directly to receive your invoice and take the steps towards your Fuller Purpose in Life Now.

This course is of greater benefit when you also then commit to attending The Divine Inspiration Tour #2 with Letitia of Lemuria & Lady Shraddha Nithya​  Register to reserve you space for this wonderful heaing opportunity https://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/thedivineascestioninspirationtour

Heal Your Lineage~ 3 One Hour Class Sessions w/ Letitia & Kai

  • My SoulSpa Lightworker of The Month  Letitia of Lemuria This Gifted Lightworker hails from the USA, where she works intuitively with an awesome guide team that includes the wisdom teachings from Kai of The Pyramid Beings, and Adama of Agartha. Once a High Priestess of Lemuria, Letitia has reincarnated to the Earth once again, to share her love, light and wisdom teachings with those ready to heal from their past pain, as she helps to bring them into alignment with their highest potential for future happiness . Gentle, patient, multi talented and extraordinarily gifted, I highly recommend working with this Divine Emissary of Light if you’re suffering from long term self esteem issues stemming from toxic family patterns, or unhealthy or unhealed romance scars or toxic belief systems that have anchored doubt, shame and self judgement into your reality and your experiences.  Letitia is a highly gifted Soul Healer who can help you to break the chains of self doubt in order to recapture your Divine Essence and Natural Light. Letitia offers her Divine Counselling Services via phone and email exchanges, as well as offering several ascension assistance courses online.  She is currently offering a new package of 3 sessions $75 each. These sessions are Designed to help you to realize the value of using sacred light, sacred sound and sacred geometry images, to help you heal and offer you a new and deep connection to your higher self.  Letitia can help you to energetically and consciously remove your veils of illusion, that have been keeping you feeling small, unwanted and unloveable.  Together with Kai of The Pyramid Beings, let Letitia help to set you on a new path to self acceptance and self discovery. She’ll offer you concrete steps to Healing and Re-Connection that are quite simply Out Of This World.  
    You can contact Letitia of Lemuria @ www.letitia-of-lemuria.com            By:  Tracey Milne, Canadian & Highly Gifted Lightworker

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Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

Energy Healing & Readings or Channeled Messages, should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.



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