It is the Goal of Letitia & Kai to benefit our Members/Followers of Light,

with an array of Tools to use in empowering your

own Inner Awakening & Enlightenment.The Time has come

to help others make a Bigger Shift Within, as their

hearts are leading them to do.

Our dream is to share unsung Light Workers / Light Warriors with the world as well as sharing Kai of the Pyramid Beings & The House of Kai with the world on a larger platform of awareness with the world in empowering others. I will be creating a Podcast Platform and are completely dedicated to using this as a gift of Service to Others in sharing their gift they bring to the world of Light Warriors. We all know so many that are struggling to get their message out and to empower others.


I've been in my own personal practice for over a decade and am ready to go big in branching out to create a dynamic ripple effect that will reach all that are seeking it around the World & Celebrating others is delightful Joy to my Heart. Realizing that this hasn't had the fullness of impact that I wished, I am ready to be in service of others in an expanded feeling and healing way. So many of you have asked me to share my way of giving & sharing light with our Sacred Mother, as well. Furthermore, to be honest, I am being pushed by Kai and The House in a huge way, so no longer can I question my own purpose or dreams.

It's time.


For many of you know I am rather introverted, private and would rather be on the sidelines with the work of helping others, but have known that people & this timeline are my passion all my life to make a difference it in others lives. In the process of doing Readings for others & or Healing & Channeled messages, the path has been shown to me that I can give answers/healing/messages, but the person must be dedicated to shift within for their own Enlightenment to change and grow themselves. Being Driven within my heart always to help others in broader ways, I have realized that we must learn to become more

Transparent to one another, not to fear the transparency and trust the world

to expand our perceptions and be willing as a whole body of Human Angels to move into

the Golden Era Successfully in this timeline.


Remember that we are Masters in other Star Systems and came here to help. We need to rebuild the Rainbow Bridge of Remembering within our own Consciousness to cross the River of Forgetfulness that we all had to take before we incarnated here.

Please read my goals for this Academy, here on my Patreon account.

(Know that I am continuing to expand them as time goes, letting go of old beliefs if fun.)

 This is just the beginning. My ultimate dream, (as I have shared with many,) of this lifetime is to have a Spiritual Retreat here, in Arizona, where people from all walks of life can come and broaden their perceptions to change old worn out beliefs, (if they choose) and to be with Animals and the Land in multiple healing ways.


Kai of the Pyramid Beings has been my Mentor, my Peace & my Motivator to be ready to put all this out there to help others now. The Property will come. The People are where we, (Kai, The House of Kai & I) are ready to help make a bigger impact in helping.

I am done waiting and ready to shake the Vibrations of the Universe to move this into a United Conscious Reality. We are all being asked to expand in one way or another, so this isn't just a me thing, it's all about us.


We are all being groomed by our Spiritual Families daily to wake up and remember, for that is what Kai & Adama & others that I have worked with as my team, & they have shared with

me as my own understanding of Ascension, it simply means an Expansion of Consciousness.

Remember that awareness and consciousness expansion is up to Us. But we must Know that We Are Worth. It is Vital that we all Know this.


You have a divine network spiritually, just as I do. It is the delightful/or strongly instrumental Family and Friends that you've acquired along your path in life. It's time to move and shake in my life with my Purpose in Service To Others, and make the land I was waiting for to set up the retreat come to me through the people. The People will show me the way. The Land will broadcast its source in Divine Timing for this  dream of Oneness that I've been nurturing in my heart for the past 30 years.

My Passion in helping others starts with YOU! It's about You right now.

Thank You for Helping me to help others with your Donations.

We, (As myself, The House of Kai and my team of friends helping to get this underway in the physical realm,) are also trying to raise up more education & awareness of Who is Kai & the Spirit of Kai of the Pyramid Beings & his Connection to Lemuria & Brotherhood with Adama, High Priest of Telos. People have asked me along the way of my Channeling over the years, how I know I am in contact with whom I bring forth.

I have my born gifts of Intuitive Clairvoyant Empathic abilities that let me know whom I'm working with and their Inner Light. I do my own protection and never fear that any entity is invading or trying to influence me. I made a commitment with Adama, High Priest of Telos, when I first started, to only work with beings of light that I vibrated naturally with.

Adama, High Priest of Telos and I have a deep connection and he introduced

Kai of the Pyramid Beings to me in 2016.

Now I realize that they are my family, a part of my Higher Self.


And I trust the Light of My Family. It is up to the ones that listen to our message, to Discern their truth from the wisdom that is shared. Channeling comes in many forms and it is one of my greatest joys to tap into and share with others, as we aim to do with the House of Kai in moving forth to share with the world in a larger way.


In the creation of our First event at Mt. Shasta, September 9th & 10th, 2019, having the support of others that are looking for Transformational Tools & Healing to change their own realities. Please note that we are not looking at numbers, but for those that are seeking tools for their own Enlightenment and to Value their own Gifts &

Purpose to share with the World.


For it is Critical that we all heal our wounds and begin to become more aware of the Divine Ripple Effect that Kai is always speaking of. We are going to be Joining in Harmony with the Lemurian Tribe to Heal the Waters & The Land, as well. Join Us! But only if your ready to make the shift you desire within to be of Service in your own way, for all you need to do is believe in yourself and let go of those old worn out Beliefs.


The Divine Inspiration Tour is about Healing your pain, letting go of the past, and letting go of trying to control tomorrow to Realize the Miracle of YOUR NOW. To set this up, we are still needing to fill one bed in the home we have reserved. Others are camping out or have other accommodations for sleeping. What we have is of great Value to share with the world in our message. I need to get real and cover travel, food do and I have faith know it will all unfold, but it would make our Hearts sing to have you there to kick off this Healing Event with us. I truly wish I could give our services away, as I do meditations and the Channeled written & You Tube messages from Kai,

but I have been tutored that we still aren't in that mode as yet. Lol 

(You will find the itinerary page on the main menu. As well as the Registration Page)

Please Feel Our Gratitude with your help in any way. Even a small amount from you would make an opportunity for me to help others in a bigger way, come true.

With each donation, you will receive a meditation from our hearts to you with gratitude, But also have access here to the Academy Tiers that we are creating too.

Please Share Your Ideas with us in what you may be seeking for us to share with you.

 In Love and Light,

Letitia of Lemuria  


Bridging The Gap Academy


Letitia of Lemuria




Please Note:


Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

Energy Healing & Readings or Channeled Messages, should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.



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