Empowering Yourself to Become an  Unlimited Human Angel

Light Will Always Heal The Dark

 We are the Children of Light. We are the One's We have been waiting for to save us from these troubled times. Heal yourself and become One with the Light you hold with the very Heart of your Being and the Ripple will wave out to others. This is one of our greatest gifts to one another as Human Angels. Dedicate yourself to the Undying Energies of Unconditional Love and Healing. They are all around us and they are within the beauty that is you. Open yourself to becoming the Unlimited Being you were born to be. Together we will rise up and with the Great Mother Earth, Our Great Central Sun and All That Is, we will defeat the darkness that has encroached upon this planet for far too long.

We are each here with a calling, a special gift that will help to fulfill the puzzle. We are not alone, but we must still claim our gifts through Love, Light and accepting our Free Will with Power and Joy to create that which is our gift to the Universe. We are at an epic time. Let us quietly say "No" to the old ways of Division and Separateness and instead choose ways of Love.

I see You in Love. We The People.

Letitia of Lemuria

Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant & Empathic Readings, Teachings & Quantum Light Healings

As well as Mediumship & Channeling of Divine Spiritual Lessons

through Ascended Beings of Light And Love

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I am excited that you found my Website!

Please feel free to explore here and see if you can

find information in the Blog, from my video's that are channeled messages from Kai of the Pyramid Beings & the House of Kai,


Adama, High Priest of Telos

I am an Ancient Lemurian High Priestess that is

driven from my heart to help those that are seeking their

own pathways to greater enlightenment.

These are exciting and valuable times for us to heal old

wounds and move forward as a whole group of Human Angels to work together as one in the healing of our planet, ourselves and through the ripple effect, help to heal the Universe in the process.

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Are you looking for an intuitive person that speaks with love in her heart and works with the vibrational energy of light with joy in the communication that she receives from Spirit? Letitia is an authentic dedicated healer, intuitive, and channel for Spirit . Whether you are seeking a physical/mental or emotional healing or a deeply intuitive and insightful session, you will be delighted at the results, but more than that, you may learn a new piece about yourself that is the missing part of your whole puzzle.


If you wish to empower yourself and have someone work with you along the way with the Love of the Universe and set positive goals for yourself that you will achieve.  We welcome you here to expand your truth and help you walk into the Unity Consciousness we all seek.


We all have a cosmic bank account into which merits are deposited or withdrawn. You can manifest them as potential joys through Love or as Trials and Errors. It is our choice and this is the choice that we chose to work under as we came to this Free Will Planet. We come here with a whole and divine soul to inhabit a Vessel of Light that we call our bodies. But when we were born, somehow we got disconnected from our missions and forgot our truth and how to reconnect with that.

It takes courage to look within and see the things in your past that you may regret and wish to change, but with commitment and dedication to your future and in a safe and loving "Container of Light", you will learn to take these steps in deeply loving and nurturing ways. Learning that there is a balance to be found within through loving both the light and dark of self and in others.


Our lives are not measured by how much we acquire monetarily in our lifetimes, though monetary gifts are the divine right of all peoples of Mother Earth as divinely loved children of the Great I AM. We are taught to look at others dress and how their wear their hair, as a judge of character, when it should be in teaching our children about Love, Compassion, Mercy, Tenderness, Gratitude and Praise. We are coming to a big shift and change on this planet, the way to help Our Sacred Mother and all Her Beings, is to find your source and believe that you can manifest a better world through the Magnetic Keys of Love and Joy. Then, as one, we will ascend......Read More



We are here to build each other up and

support one another. We need to stop looking at what Divides us and seeing how strange a person may dress and look within to see the Human Angel that we all came here to be. We have all of the 7 Root Races in our DNA. Now lets get together in Harmony and Activate that incredible potential in each of us to transform and change the world! Join Me! Below I have a Membership offer / Read the Blog / and choose what I can do to help you further your growth through your Sacred Heart.

I See You!




Everything in Life is of perfect balance.
Unconditional Love brings Balance between Darkness and Light
We create our reality by our Beliefs.
Let us Join in Unity and create the New Consciousness for the Ascended Times with Love and Joy in our Hearts!


Letitia of Lemuria is a very wonderful ancient soul, I felt I knew her on a soul level and thank you Beings of Light in guiding me her way she has shed a ton of information that will have me soaring with higher vibrations in no time she is a very reliable psychic healer and consultant if your looking for accurate pure white light communication. Thank you so much and Bless you and yours! ~Bryan Rawls (Psychic Medium & Energetic Healer), A Magickal Journey

What is the Human Mission here to be lived in Harmony with Mother Earth and the Value of all Life? Do you know your true passion? First you have to clear the energies and fear attached to your Four Body Systems and this action alone will set you free! You are meant to be a whole and happy Child of the Great I AM. For All Are One and it is your Free Will to choose.

You have come to a loving home for the ones that are ready to rise up in Love and claim their Divine Human Angel Heritage.

Here you will learn through the Love of Adama, High Priest of Telos, Kai of the Pyramid Beings, Zohar of Shamballa and the accumulated wisdom that Letitia Lovingly shares with all.

(Who Are Tabs will help you to know these beings are listed above.)

We are made with Love and are to claim all our gifts with the application of Love. We have Divine Guardians all around us to ask for help in all things. We forget to ask and we forget to give Thanks. The Secret is that we are Mighty in Love to create any reality we wish to live in. The Universe is unlimited. Make life an adventure. Heal and live in Joy. All else will fall into place.

Recommendation " Letitia of Lemuria is easily one of the most gifted and unique psychic channels available on the planet! I felt like she really cares about my success, and for the first time in a long time, I was given some new spiritual tools that really made a difference in shifting out old energy that was no longer serving me. Thanks to Letitia of Lemuria, I am excited about life again! I highly recommend working with this amazing lady! A uniquely beautiful , gentle and accurate experience. You'll never be the same again."
Tracey Milne, Intuitive Psychic/Angel Healing Practitioner

St.Marys, Ontario, Canada


We must expand into the KNOWING that we are more than our minds. We are more than our hearts and we are more than our bodies. We are nothing and then again, we are everything we are all a very special part the

Great  I AM.

It is when you become one with the Now Moments and simply BE, that you will achieve your true enlightenment and let go of the little things. Learn to walk in with peace in all that you do and as you do this, your world will begin to change on all levels, around you.


After participating in Letitia's webinar Discover Light Language Demystified, I was quite intrigued with Kai of the Pyramid Beings. When Letitia's 15 minute channeled reading became available I knew that it couldn't have come at a better time for me. I had been feeling quite low and it was starting to effect my health. Thru Letitia, Kai made therapeutic recommendations that seemed simple enough yet were surprisingly cathartic and affected me profoundly. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to speak with Kai and Letitia and look forward to more channeled messages. Thank-you again. TJ-Theresa Jennings



I had received many gifts from Letitia, through her diverse offerings. Whether in her readings, light language, or mentoring, she always comes with a pure heart, Integrity and always down to earth communication.
Her insights and channel-lings are uplifting, Inspiring and full of new potentials and needed activation's.

Bring yourself and your own team to work with her, as in co creation with her and her team, you will create something new and magnificent in your life and everybody will feel the ripple effect! _ Crystal Healings

   More Delightful Testimonials Below





Read More Delightful & Heartwarming Testimonials Below

She has changed my life simply put, the information that she gave me couldn't have come from any other source other than spirit. Not only did I just know but she gave me details and clarity to things I didnt divulge. I believe it is spirit channeling through her to really let us know they're here through and as her. I felt the presence of the masters like they were there speaking to me I felt their love and light. The information she has given me has literally changed the course of my life she has awaken me to where I came from and gave me a clear vision of my purpose again and that is priceless 👌🏽 10 stars to you Letitia so grateful for you Jenese McCord

My personal Experiences with Letitia as an Intuitive, Teacher, Guide, Confidant, Resource and Healer have been numerous and profound. Whether I'm bubbling over with excitement and need to be grounded or am in the darkest of moments; when we make the connection spiritually, she smooths the waters of my overwhelm. Within minutes of our session beginning she becomes a stabilizing, calming, grounding presence. Patient beyond words, she keeps at it until I get it. LOL!! When we complete our hour, I have a new perspective, tools, relief and clarity to move forward. I trust her as a professional who lives in integrity and truth, desiring the highest and best outcomes for all who are guided to her. I am blessed to have been referred to her. Animal Communicator, Linda Grimshaw

Letitia has a simple, loving, healing spirit.  With her by your side, anything is possible.  During our sessions, I could always feel the love and divine light radiating out to me.  It is the most comforting experience ever. She is a Healers Healer. I now embrace life with joy. Love, Corrine

Lemurian Prayer Chant

Om Ma Me Om ( I Am Love)

Om Ma Mu He (I Am Joy)

Om Ma Su Hoo ( I Am You)

Hoo A Na ( You Are Me)

Om Ma Om  (I Am, I Am)

Whaaa Ah Ah (One)I release,

I release, I release

Thank You Beautiful Spirit Keepers














Letitia of Lemuria's Mission:


It is Letitia's greatest intent to help others to heal their Mind, Body and Spirit in the Highest of Vibrational Frequencies that Each Being Will accept. During your time with her, you will experience a Love in the highest of ways that your Being will tolerate.  She works with the Energies of the Universe and Our Great Mother Earth to help your body to realign with its own Center of Being to Accept and Heal itself. It is a Balanced and Harmonious way to bring yourself into the alignment that you desire in your healing, for the Healer is just the director, you must be the one to Accept and Believe.


When she does a Clairvoyant Empathic Reading/ Healing Service, she is in contact with her Spiritual Team and through your Higher Self, the team of beings that you have to work as your light family, as well. The messages that she receives are given with Love and the highest of intent in helping you to understand the blockages you may be challenged with and the pathways that she see's open to you. Please be aware that Time is Fluid and your Yesterdays can be healing and accepted to reform your Now moments into better experiences for your Tomorrows.


Free will is very much respected by Letitia and her team, so she will never give you information that is going to lead you on a path that you do not wish to take, nor will she be allowed to see what you do not wish to uncover. Letitia is a being of Love and in that and the Understanding of Energy, she will always relay messages to you in Love with Integrity in a way you can accept and learn to apply in all you do with your life.


It is with deep love for the evolutionary healing and balancing times that we are all walking into with the Higher Vibrations that our Great Mother Earth has moved into, that Letitia of Lemuria is joyously able to do the work she does, as well as the extra planetary work she is dedicated to. Whether your session with Letitia is in a Healing or Intuitive Reading, your experience will be divine. Letitia has a passion for the Ascension of all of us walking in the physicality today to move forth as One.

Contact her Directly by Emailing LetitiaofLemuria@gmail.com

or ShaHaley11@yahoo.com

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Letitia's visit today with me on the phone was a delight. She was deeply compassionate  and understanding in her reading with me. I was amazed to hear her questions as I truly do not understand how she knew many things about me. A personal huge thank you for being so kind and generous!

Thank you!
Deborah Hitchcock



Demystifying Light Language Class Testimony

My immense gratitude to you Letitia and Master Adama  for the  opportunity and  honor that it was presented to us in our group .It was an extraordinary experience  for me and also for my son. All question was responded with such lovely and  powerful wisdom. My heart is still overwhelmed with such love and light..Thank you  and Master Adama for such much  love! 

Blessing  and Light ! 

Daisy ! 

Welcome to a Utopia World that can be recreated again with the Unity and Love of the Human Angels that are walking upon and with our Mother Earth Now! Without you, I wouldn't exist. Without You, Mother Earth wouldn't be whole. You matter and you have been drawn by the Light that you hold within the heart of you, the very core of your being, to this site. This is a place for you to feel safe to create the dream reality that you truly feel within your very hearts. We must join as One to ignite the powerful flame of alchemy that lives within each of us and will lead us into a divine and expanded future together. In Love and Light to All, For All Are One,

Letitia of Lemuria

Arizona, United States

LetitiaofLemuria@gmail.com for direct contact

What is your truth? Why are you here? How do you heal your pain within the physical body? We cannot Live apart from each other nor from the Flora and Fauna that the Great I AM provided for us to exist with.

Letitia of Lemuria






Please Note:


Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

Energy Healing & Readings or Channeled Messages, should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.



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