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of the Mt. Shasta Event

   Thank You All!


“It was an incredible honor and privilege to attend The Divine Inspiration Tour with

Letitia of Lemuria, and her spiritual team, Kai of the Pyramid Beings and

the House of Kai, Adama, Celestia, The Sophia Energies,

and so many other Light Beings!


Since 2012 I have been visiting Mt. Shasta and this was the first time,

I felt that this trip was a pivotal point in my spiritual awakening. From day one

of the tour, my physical body as well as my other energy bodies

were in a deep transformation. I was connected to my spirit and

my thoughts were non-existent, my ego-mind took a back seat. My spirit

was in command, and what an awesome thing this was for me to

finally experience. My actions,as my thoughts were synchronized with

my heartand I’m deeply grateful for this.


On this tour, I was able to tap into my Divine Christ Feminine energies, let go of

the old programming, and show the world who I truly am without having my judgements

or fears control me. There was a sense of being one with all that surrounded me.

Moreover, for the first time I brought out my spiritual gifts and

talents and let Go and let God.


Blessings were bestowed to all of us as we basked in the energies of Kai,

Adama, Celestia, Sophia Energies, Lord Ganesh, Mary Magdalene, Jesus,

Buddha, Elementals, Ancestors and many more light beings - too many to mention here.

By the way, I forgot to mention the blessings of being reunited and connected with

my Lemurian family, and to be in direct contact with the energies of the Lemurian Temples. 


Indeed this was a GAME CHANGER for me. Letitia was the conduit for multidimensional

portals to be opened that were key to my awakening.  Even now, I continue to

vibrate in higher energies of pure light consciousness.


Thank you Letitia of Lemuria, Kai of the Pyramid Beings, and the house of Kai, Adama, Celestia,

and the Divine Sophia Energies for creating The Divine Inspiration Tour!”


Ana D. Sanchez,

Miami, Florida


Additional Loving Submitted Delightful Testimony via text

by Ana E. Sanchez, from her loving

Sisters Observation

~~~My heart Is Full!~~~


My sister saw the pics you posted on FB and she told me all the light Beings and

animals that were there rendering homage to your light! She transported herself

there with us and was able to participate. Much more occurred and she messaged

that you are much more powerful than you can imagine and this is an awakening for

you to realize that!😇🥰🙏 By Ana Sanchez***Monday, September 16th, 2019




Thank you dear universe for let me be part of this Divine Inspiration Tour, I would like to thanks all my Lemurian brothers and sisters for your patience your smiles your hugs your love I feel blessed for the time spent with all of you, you guys make me feel like the truly king I Am ....

Namasté ~Alain Arritola


I was a participant of the Divine Inspiration Tour.

For myself it was an amazing and enlightenment moment and life changing. Also a privilege to have share with such wonderful and beautiful souls with in the group. I was overwhelmed with such much love and light. I truly want to give my gratitude to Letitia for her beautiful light and love also to Kai, Master Adama , Celestia and Lady Sophia and all the light beings which were part of this amazing experience. Our tour ended with so much awareness , happiness, joy, healing, peace and love . Truly our ancestors of Lemuria and us came together has one..

My Inmense gratitude once again to Letitia and her guides and all my Lemurian brothers and sisters who participated.  


Love and Light! ❤💜💚

Daisy Serrano.



The Divine Inspiration Tour was nothing short of life changing for me. I had driven by Mt Shasta many times and always admired its beauty but had no idea how truly connected I was to it. I have known Letitia for over 30 years and have watched her grow and become the beautiful Emissary of Light she is today.


When she blessed me with an invitation to this tour I was very apprehensive at first. I was just beginning to learn who I was. All my life I never felt like I belonged anywhere even within my own family. I kept wondering what I could possibly bring to the table? I doubted my gifts and my spirituality. Why in the world was I even here? Surely I am not anything special. 


However, by the end of the tour, thanks to Letitia, her channeling of Kai, the ever presence of Celestia by my side, Lady Sophia coming through and bestowing her blessing upon us and all the other amazing “journeys” I encountered, I came to understand and realize

some very important things about me.

An awakening of epic proportions if you will.


The negativity was GONE! I am special and I have a lot to offer this world! My life path became crystal clear.  I felt for the first time that I belonged to something truly amazing. I had found a family that I thought had been lost forever.


Most of all, I found me. I finally knew my purpose in life and where I came from. I accept that I am a daughter of Telos. I accept that I am a daughter of Lemuria. I accept that I am a light healer.

I accept that I am that I am that I AM!

I am Deborah of Lemuria, an Emissary of Light.


I am humbled yet inspired by Adama, Celestia and all the wonderful light beings encountered on this tour. I can never thank Letitia and my Lemurian family for bringing me home and making me whole again so I can help others on this path we call life.  Namaste!



Barb Nelson




~~~Mt. Shasta Tour Photo's Below~~~

Letitia of Lemuria






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