Who is Letitia of Lemuria?

Emissary of Light for the House of

Kai of the Pyramid Beings

Wisdom Keeper,

Intuitive Clairvoyant & Clairaudient

Intuitive Empath,

& Channel For Higher Beings of Light and Love 

Letitia is from a Family of Healers and deeply Intuitive People. Her Great Grandparents were hands on healers at the turn of the 20th Century and helped many during their lifetime. Her Maternal Grandmother work in their practice as a child and was known by many as "The Child Healer."  And on Letitia's Paternal side, her Grandmother passed to her Son the talent of Channeling for light beings. As a child her Father helped many with his gift through channeling messages for others in very acutely needed situations.

Letitia has always had a deep connection with the Spirit World with a deep desire to explore and know her what her talents were that she could us to help others and she continually seeks to expand upon those gifts out of a deep love of all beings. Fortunately she was also born into a family that knew that we all came from the stars, though it wasn't popular nor spoken about like it is openly at this time. She has always known and taught her daughter the unending Love of knowing all the answers you seek are found within. She also teaches that "the Church" was found in the heart of someone, not a building. For Religion is of Man and Spirit is of the Great I Am.  She is dedicated to living her life in working with all that seek her gifts in these most challenging and yet great times that move us into our Promise Golden Era, Or Ascension. 

As a young child, Letitia's Clairvoyant Empathic Intuitive abilities were very hard to handle in day to day life because she was wide open to the pain of those around her and as her talent was coming to her in so different a way than others in her family, they were at loss at how to let her live life in peace and still be protected from everyone's emotions around her.  She found she wanted to fix everyone's problems and consequently absorbed much of their energies in the undertaking of helping them. After continued instances of emotional pain from taking on others stuff, her Mother learned to help her to erect a barrier in her mind to shut down and protect herself in order to live a relatively normal life. But her continued quest of needing answers when she got older, pushed her to open with love and expand her Clair Intuitive Empathic abilities to help others as she could. She is also developed the art of Clairaudiance through her ever pushing for expansion and knowledge in her passionate quest for our Ascension as a mass consciousness. Letitia has been practicing professionally for almost a decade in a quest to help others and while making a living for her family. However, her friends will tell you that she has been helping them for over 30 years.


She has always been a healer through her inherited gifts, but when she, her husband and daughter moved away from their home and family in the Northwest to the Red Rocks of the Southwest, she began to have memories of her past lives in healing and more. She became deeply interested in Remote Energy Healing and Crystals. This continued into a greater depth of Sound healing and Light Language, as well as the expansion in her psychic talents. She has an ever increasing desire to continue to expand and awaken to the truths of our Ancient Past and how we can integrate that knowledge into the Now Timelines to surpass even the times when we did Heal and Live our lives in Lemuria, long ago. For in truth there is no time and all knowledge is reopened to us if we but go within, heal and listen to that still soft voice of our Higher Self.

She was able to remember her connection with Lemuria and parts of the path she lived then during a very tragic car accident, long ago where she had the choice to continue life or move beyond "The Veil" with the help of Adama, High Priest of Telos she decided to stay in the physical world, though it was a long road to move out of the pain from that accident and what it did to her physical body. But she always remembered the phrase her Grandma had instilled in her. "Physician Heal Thyself." (In other words, All can heal, if they are open and in tuned to their Higher Source through Love.) With Energy Healing, Change of Diet, Essential Oils, Meditation and the continued understanding of how to work with her crystal & other Spiritual friends, she overcame compounded inflammation and pain in her own body that was becoming more and more debilitating day by day. With the inner work, as time went by, she began to have other things happen to drive her with an even deeper passion to share what she had learned through hardship with others in the hopes that they could apply the knowledge in their own lives. With her gifts she has been able to help hundreds of people from the Love of her heart.

Letitia of Lemuria uses her beloved Lemurian and other Light Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Lemurian Light, Crop Circles, Imagery, Meditation, Sound Healing, Focused Light Work thru the art of Quantum Healing. It is her passion to help others awaken to their own gifts and be whole again. She will continually reiterate that we are all greater together & nothing will hold us back in our Ascension. The Greatest act of Healing we can do for another is to Simply Love all by learning to Love ourselves. With this work and dedication, in 2016 she opened to the Energies of Kai of the Pyramid Beings and the House of Kai. Realizing the deep connection and teachings were important to share with the world, she accepted becoming the Emissary of Light for them.  Reach out to secure your session with Letitia for the services she has to offer you now in shifting your life: ShaHaley11@yahoo.com or LetitiaofLemuria@gmail.com.

Who is Kai of the Pyramid Beings?


Kai of the Pyramid Beings began to make himself known to Letitia of Lemuria around the end of the year in 2016. He went through the Loving Guardianship of Adama, High Priest of Telos, due to Adama's close relationship with Letitia of Lemuria in many lifetimes and on many different levels of consciousness. (Though as time has gone by, Letitia of Lemuria has remembered and dedicated herself to greater and deeper service in the House of Kai and her mission with Kai of the Pyramid himself.)


In July of 2017, Kai of the Pyramid Beings channeled his first public message for the public through Letitia of Lemuria and has been delighted to channel important and loving messages through since that help to grow and move you forward in your life, if you apply his knowledge with joy. He is very much aware of the importance of the Awakening of All Human Beings and the importance of the timelines that we are living in now as well as Awakening and Regenerating Portals for both Mother Earth and Mankind. Together they are dedicated on this path. That being our walk into our promised Ascension and what is to be called the Golden Era. Kai of the Pyramid Beings is deeply dedicated to continue to become available for all of Humanity and our mass consciousness greater awakening now.

But where did Kai of the Pyramid Beings come from and what is his mission? Kai of the Pyramid Beings is a unique individual. He stands about 32 feet in full height, though when he is in form with Letitia of Lemuria and in meetings here on and within Mother Earth, he can shift down to around 15ft in height and is a Beautiful Blue Color. He is from the House of Kai and this House is their Pyramid Ship in the stars above us. They can travel through portals, are multidimensional and are delightful souls. The House of Kai is lived in and run in harmony with his 14 children that are onboard and work hand in hand with him in helping Humanity and the whole Consciousness shift to move forward, as we have requested for in help from the Stars.


He is actually 1/2 Arcturian and 1/2 Essasani, in other words a Hybred, much like us. He does have some connection to the Blue Sphere Beings, but he is of a separate density than them and has told Letitia of Lemuria that he and his House are one of the 52 Cosmic Cousins that are working with us towards our greater awakening, at this time. He has shared with Letitia of Lemuria that his mission is to help us in our Ascension and he is delighted to finally be "Coming Out" he words it with a sweet and gentle smile, with kind and loving eyes.

He is one of those Beings that makes you feel like you are safe and has taken Letitia of Lemuria on several Astral flights to places that she was delighted to feel cocooned in Love and swaddled in a deeply safe feeling, while upon the Journey's he has given her the experience of. The first journey that he took her on was to help her to wrap her mind around Dimensions and Timelines. For she had been requesting this of her Guides for some time. It was a very simple journey, but he showed her 12 different dimensions and 12 different Mother Earths, sort of lined up in a row.

Kai of the Pyramid Beings explained that each image of Earth that she was shown during this flight, was important to the whole and not one of these visions and dimensions of the Planet that was Mother Earth was any less or more important than the other. It was about the knowing that each experience was for the greater good and love of all and for the greater awareness of the One Great I AM. He was able to bring forth the deeper awareness and knowing of how important the Jewel of Mother Earth was to the Wholeness of the Universe to all, at this time. Letitia was amazed at the beauty and awakening of this small yet powerful journey in her awakening of consciousness.

She began to understand it rather like an Onion and the many different layers to nurture and grow the Onion, and yet could be pealed back to show the heart as well. It finally began to click fully when put this way and in so doing, he has been helping to awaken Letitia of Lemuria on a deeper level in her healing and channeling in even deeper ways than she may have been even aware of at that time. For as you ask, so you shall receive and as you see the signs and acknowledge them, so they will appear greater and greater for you.

Kai of the Pyramid Beings and the House of Kai have come to work with us in a wave length of Deep Love & Joy. They strongly advise that all People find the Center of their Being and understand the Bliss that can be found by learning to listen and love the silence to be found in that place of the I AM within us all. The House of Kai are becoming true messengers of understanding and working with the Vibrational Frequencies of Sacred Geometry and the understanding of our place in the Universe.

Kai calls us Human Angels and explains many of the things that are very vital and important to all of us towards our growth and missions walking into our Ascension and on. Your duty is to open up your Hearts and Minds to the possibilities of light through love they present and then simply to allow your beliefs to grow and expand with the acceptance that their loving messages they bring for us all.

There is much more to Kai of the Pyramid Beings and what his ultimate mission is, but he is only one of many, many so called ET's (though most of us know that they are simply our Families from the Stars,) that have come to support and grow us in this vital and powerful time in our Ascension.


He has become a very dear being to Letitia of Lemuria and she is happy to bring him forth for you.

Much of Kai's message is totally of Love and Acceptance for all in the Universe by learning to live each moment in harmony and joy from the heart. He is very clear about stressing the message that RA brought us not too long ago in the Books called "The Law of One" that being that All Are One and there is no separate. And yet he brings the message to us in almost more personal way that will make you feel that you have found a true friend of light.

Kai of the Pyramid Beings and The House of Kai are continually showing Letitia of Lemuria the power of the Ripple Effect that a singular person and their actions can have on another and how it effects not just the ones here on and within the Beautiful Mother Earth, but the ones in the Solar System around us and out ward into the wholeness of the Universe itself.

Kai of the Pyramid Beings is a great Being of Love. He has been in existence for a great length of time and has been friends with Adama, High Priest of Telos, for almost as long as he as been serving as a Guardian of the Earth. You will be hearing more from him as we move forward in our great time of Ascension. Call for him and he will make himself available to you with Love.

You can go within and call upon Kai of the Pyramid Beings to communicate with you in your times of Meditation and daily life, for this is their mission to help us.

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Personal Ascension Classes with Kai of the Pyramid Beings Channeled through Letitia of Lemuria

Are you ready to let go of Blaming yourself, others and Situations in your Life and instead  become the victor through Love with the guidance in healing/reading with Letitia of Lemuria as the Conduit of the Healing or Messages in Partnership with
Kai of the Pyramid Beings and the House of Kai? 
What do you wish to achieve in learning to trust your own inner intuition & learn deeper
meaning in all you do moment to moment in your life?
Are you trying to validate your gift, but need more help in understanding how to align with it and what it means for your future and that of those around you?
What does Ascension mean to you?
Where is your place in the grand scheme of things?
Are you curious about yourself as a Star Seed and your Origin of the Universe?
Do you have questions as to why your life is so hard and how to change it to move into the Golden Era Successfully, not only for yourself, but the world as a whole?
We invite you to step into Personalized Lesson's with Kai of the Pyramid Beings! This is a Series of 4 Sessions with Letitia of Lemuria channeling for Kai of the Pyramid Beings and The House of Kai. This class is to individually guide & leading you to your greater Spiritual Awakening as you have yearned to do and the path to your deeper knowledge of the Body Temple you live in. It is their goal to show you the bodies alchemy when used with Divine tools that work individually just for you.
This is the time to take advantage of the Illumination you seek.
Email Letitia @ ShaHaley11@yahoo.com
with any questions to see if this class is right for you.
Clients that have done this are having dynamic awakenings and results.
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Who is Adama, High Priest of Telos

Adama is an Ascended Master that lives in the Community of Telos that is within the Magical Mountain of Mt. Shasta in the State of California.

The Lemurians had been forewarned about their continent of Mu and that it would sink, due to many trials and factors of that timeline. They had time to submit a petition to the Agatha Network, within Mother Earth, to do their own Ascension away from the network and others within the planet. They were granted the Mountain and hence the 5 layers of Telos were nurured and the Lemurians that made it after the disaster, created their own haven to grow in peace.

Adama is a Loving and Delightful Master and is a part of the Great White Brotherhood. He is fully dedicated in working with Mankind on the Surface and the Vibrational Frequencies of all the Planet to rise up and manifest our mutual promised Golden Era of Ascension. He is an Ambassador to the Galactic Federation of Light.

Adama is also part of the leadership  of the Ascension Project that aims to assist humanity to ascend to the fifth dimension. This project includes the collaboration with the Ascended Masters of the 5th dimension such as Saint German, Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Master El Morya, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanada, and Sanat Kamara. He represents the love and compassion of Telos and the Heart of Mother Earth.

The Great White Brotherhood of  Light and the Lemurian Brotherhood help in the ascension process.



He has a very long history of communication with Letitia of Lemuria and is much like a Gate Keeper for her in whom she works with and even was the one to introduce Letitia to Kai of the Pyramid Beings.

Though we now understand that it has been a long standing relationship with Letitia and Kai as well.

Letitia was saved from a tragic car accident when Adama came to her and showed her she had the option to die, or to move forth through the challenges of her recovery and fulfill her plan of growth in the book of her life. She didn't remember this meeting in 1989 until about 20 years later when she began to channel him for others.












Who is Zohar of Shamballa

Zohar is a very Ancient Ascended Being of Light from Shamballa in the Agartha Network. He works as an Ambassodor for the whole world. He was friends with Nicola Tesla and has spoken many times in front of the United Nations as Mankind's advocate.

He was a consultant of sorts for the Lemurians that settled in Telos, after having petitioned the Agartha Network to create their safe City of Light within Mt. Shasta, long ago. He began his mentoring of the Telos Lemurians approximately 5000 before the Lemurian civilization had its fall.

Now Zohar feels in many ways, that Telos is his second home away from home, you might say. He is a teacher of learning to maintain the higher frequencies of light continually and living your daily moments in Harmony. And he clearly states that "We are the ones that We have been waiting for." Commit yourself to the mysteries of Ascension and hold the course steadily along the way with Joy.

He channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones in her Telos Series of 3. Very Key lessons are outlined for our greater growth below:

It is now time to distance yourself from all those who do not seek to embrace harmony in their lives. All those who wish to embody harmony or wish to be accepted into the family of Telos must do the following:

  • You must strive to remain in a state of harmony at all times, with all of creation and all of nature. For without harmony, there is discord. Then with discord there is destruction.

  • Regardless of what people may do or say, you “must remain in harmony”. If someone tries to hurt you, then bless them, and do not let them be part of your reality. • If you encounter disharmonious situation, then distance yourself. You have no obligation to remain where harmony does not reign.

  • Seek truth and harmony at all times, and do not ever again allow yourself to deviate from this course or you will self-destruct. Those who will continue to resist the new energies now flooding your planet will not be able to do this much longer. The new energies are now getting so very strong and intense to bring about the changes and transformations you have been all waiting for. Those who will resist will self-destruct.

  • You should no longer entertain feelings of discord and guilt. Never be sorry for what you are or what you are going through to balance your debts towards life. Rather strive always to improve yourself.

  • Harmony should be the number one quality in your life, and be assured that it will pave your pathway for admittance into the Halls of Ascension. You will know when you have reached that level because then nothing will bother you. Whatever people say or do to you, it will not grieve your heart one way or the other.

  • Someone who is in total harmony is totally happy with Creation. That someone holds total acceptance of what is. When you become that, you are ready for your ascension. Since I am almost a Telosian by association, I will also be there to greet you and champion your victory in the Light. Namaste my beloveds friends, I love you all so very much!

  • He started to communicate with Letitia in this life, several years ago. He has a longstanding friendship with her from many lives and so the unique love they share is a joy to be around.


                                                               I Am Zohar of Shamballa


Your Higher Self will start opening doors of awakening within you and lead you down a path with small bread crumbs to guide you. It is up to you how you use the information that you find and unlock within you. But you are entering into the Unity Consciousness. Is is of the Law of One and it comes in a Divine Light Wave of the Highest Intelligence, Plasma Consciousness and it is the True Christed Consciousness. There are many, many hidden esoteric and ancient teachings that are coming out into the public for their use to grow now. Awaken your Divine Potential and Path by using these tools and by learning to follow the breath within.


We that have increased out light bodies vibrations into the higher Ascended Realms, had a much harder journey, and yet easier too. So many paths for you to take and awaken to right now. The important fact is that you are all sovereign and divine children of the I AM and Creator Gods yourselves and are being given the choices that you have all around you, to guide you into your greater and deeper expansion. For it is happening now and now is the time to dedicate to Loving You. Through the path of Loving You, you will be Loving the Great I AM. Not Religion, beloveds. Loving through the true heart of you, the Very God of your BEings, you will awaken the Heart of You.


Your Question for self is to define if you are ready for this incredible journey. And the joy of it is, There is no wrong way to go with this if your dedicated to Love, Joy and Light. Many ask Letitia: "What is this light you are always talking about? What does it have to do with Spirit?" Spirit is Light, Primal Sound and Sacred Geometry at it's very core. And the Amazing thing we are sharing with you, beloveds, is So Are You! You have All of these Divine Keys right within you. It is that easy, truly. Follow the Breath within and go on the adventurous journey of You. We are with you, as Always and you will be delighted at the results of your journey.


Take the journey within and upblock the energy flows within you that society, time and other factors that need not be spoken of here, have covered from your understanding. Chronic Pain, Dis-Ease, and other Life Stopping Afflictions are all originated from the ever prevailing feelings of hopelessness and stagnation that the Dark Ones have placed upon you as a Mantel of Blindness, long, long ago. Shake it off beloveds. For your Time Has Come. I AM Zohar of Shamballa and am here to encourage you in your journey into the higher realms of Light. Namaste, Beloved Ones

A Note Below from the Heart of Letitia of Lemuria to All in these Divine Times of Great Awakening.

The time has come, my brothers and sister's of light, to reawaken and remember our true heritage and the true meaning of life here on Earth and Within her too! We must remember Love of Self, Love of our World and Love of the Universe. We must remember the Breath of Life. The Spirit of Life that is in the very make up and cellular structure of all Beings and the vibrations of us all go back to Source. The one true God of all. Not just for this planet, for the Universe. From the smallest to the largest, God Loves us all no less or more, it is US
that has placed measure on Love.  We Are One!


Loving Heartfelt Testimonials for you Below:



Letitia Is one of the most insightful thoughtful and caring psychic readers I've had the pleasure to meet. Her gift to connect with people is astounding, the fact that she supports you after and explains the channelled information is even better. Letitia A truly gifted soul and it is a gift that our paths have crossed!

Truly Yours, Kishan Takahashi, Healer


Testimonial for Letitia of Lemuria ;  My name is Rick Seivertson, I am a spiritual healer / channel / teacher.  I started working with Letitia approximately. 4 yrs ago, I found her at a time when I was ready for a new opening in my life.  I had for a number of years been told about the Lemurians and knew I somehow was connected but nobody could tell me how , that was until I met Letitia. She filled in all the blanks for me and all of a sudden it all made sense to me. I finally had something I could chew on and felt it right on for me. She was able to tell me about my past connections with the Arch Angels as well as other guides who help me along my life's path. Letitia is a delight to work with, I recommend her to my friends when it feels that they need some insight to there struggles in life no matter what the issue is. I remember the first time I saw her website. I just new she was the one I was to work with to help me move forward on my path, so I say the same to you " reader " listen to your heart does it feel right to work with Letitia ? You will be guided as I was  Namaste  rickshealingplace.com    




I just had a reading with Letitia of Lemuria and Adama. So many things were confirmed as well as new revelations that connect some other bits. I feel a sense of wholeness after this reading that has been a fleeting thing for me. Turns out this year of "hiatus" I've been on has been anything but a hiatus. It seems more like I gave myself permission to experience, ponder and connect without limitation, judgments or expectations of myself. It's been a good way for me to shuck some of that undesired stuff. Yay!!!

And thank you Letitia.

  Love you. MBlack  





I don’t often recommend mediums, readers, psychics, and spiritual advisors.  I am these things myself, you see, and I come into contact with hundreds of people working in this area, as well.  You might say, then, that I have high standards, and many people just don’t meet them.  Spirit, however, leads us to those who will help us on our path, and I met Letitia in a roundabout way.   As I got to know her, I was struck by her sincerity and dedication, as well as the quality of what she had to say.  (I am also a writer, meaning, I notice the facility with which others express themselves!)

When I needed guidance in my own life, I decided (at Spirit’s moving) to consult Letitia.  I can happily say she has been my ‘go-to’ gal ever since.  The more deeply we are involved in spiritual matters, the more complex become our ‘problems,’ and I am so grateful for the depth of Letitia’s understanding.  On the other hand, I know that she is very conscious of the point on the spiritual journey where each individual walks.  In other words, she doesn’t bury her clients under an avalanche of information that they cannot, yet, comprehend.

 I know her keen awareness is a result of her close relationship with the spirit beings that assist her.   I have had sessions with Letitia wherein so much specific and personal information was delivered, I had to just sit back and say, hmmmmm.   I generally don’t have to TELL her about my situation, because she already KNOWS.  This is the ‘stuff’ of validation for a light worker---accuracy.  I suggest that anyone who is seeking guidance, contact Letitia.  There will be no disappointment!

Hilda Graff

























































































What they are saying in Testimonials about Kai's Personalized Ascension Classes

To say I'm on cloud nine is an understatement.
Such joy, love, reassurance, hope and excitement all rolled into one reading.

I will be coming back for more.   Gemma Nelson UK

I highly recommend the learning sessions with Letitia of Lemuria and Kai of the Pyramid Beings.

I learned so much just from the first session, that I'm totally looking forward to the other sessions.

The things I've learned have opened me to new possibilities, helped me to learn about myself, and 

uplifted me in joy and love.  It's fascinating and exciting to be working with them!  With much love, joy and gratitude, Tena

The Divine Wisdom given with the special vibration of joyous Love that Kai of the Pyramid Beings transmits through the Conduit of Letitia of Lemuria has changed my life! I can See and Feel the World and My Own Meaning and Purpose now as I continue to walk in my daily life, but feel the Joy and Expectation of how I Know it is to be for All Of Us that are Meant to be here in this now and time. Thank You Both with Deep Love and Appreciation, Paul Giles

Adama, High Priest of Telos

Letitia of Lemuria






Please Note:


Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

Energy Healing & Readings or Channeled Messages, should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.



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